Sunday, 10 August 2014

When self-honesty no longer tolerates hiding pain of self-betrayal

The headline for this article ("I wont be able to live with myself after politics") caught my notice - as does the current media and political incapacity to communicate ABOUT anything Jewish or related to Jewishness, in the same freedom that it might communicate about any other group identity. I was also aware of the opinionated personal attack comments that illustrate how successfully consciousness fragments and denies its own nature AS communication. All are Expressions of Communication without exception. A special form of communication above or outside all others is a mistaken identity that never can rest within and as the unique Expression that it actually Is.
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One way that the mindset of obfuscation triumphs over clarity of vision is in focussing on personalities so as to distract from issues.
For the record - one not only has to live with one's self - but IS ONE self! This reveals that the self-construct - or mask-persona is a mental layer of asserted or justified ideas with which one has invested and become identified.
The answer to a self-conflicted SENSE/experience of self is to LOOK directly AT it - that is to notice THAT it is occurring rather than to struggle in ever shifting, futile and deluding attempts to make the un-real real. When we can own our own conflicted ideas and purposes, we can let them go in focussing wholly on what aligns and expresses us truly.
Repentance is immediate, self-forgiveness may take seventy times seven - but that doesn't matter. That is simply the discipline of persisting in a true sense of value for oneself and others.
Israel's mentality symbolizes Ishmael curiously enough... The nature of the blind urge to power in the world is to usurp the legitimate heir and inheritance.
The movement of being with which one aligns wholly is the movement of Wholeness that comes of itself to a receptive willingness. This is the power to share the Gift of Life rather than the wish to steal it from others in the fear that one's own will be stolen back or used as a basis for scourging or punishment.
Unless we begin to uncover and acknowledge the fears beneath our so-called rational mind, we will be dictated over by hidden power that neither knows us nor loves us. This is writ large in the world - yet is uncoverable in each consciousness. Notice the obfuscating tendencies of a mind-in-hiding and become more discerning as to whose voice or purpose speaks for you.
The wish to hide from fear and to hide fear from awareness is the basis by which we 'give our power away'. But it remains OURS to re-cognize as our primary act of choosing where to give our attention.
Fear tempts, persuades, coerces and compels. Simply NOT accepting such a basis to act out from INVITES or makes welcome a movement of wholeness.
One more thing... Fear tells you it will make you safe (and special and powerful). Look up and take account of the fruits of your choosing - and if they are NOT in alignment with the true desire of your heart, then CHOOSE ANEW!
Fear sets the framework for choices, none of which allow a true choice to be recognized, felt, embraced, embodied, given witness, extended in gratitude.
The poor in Spirit deprive themselves and know not the blessedness of their true inheritance. Unless we are in the extension of the love that we ARE - we are misperceiving everyone and everything from the basis of a negatively defined self.
Fighting evil, feeds its basis. If we do not identify and discard the self-hatred that is implicit in a negatively defined and segregated self-sense, we operate within its dissociated and deluded dictate.
It dreams of victory - yet its victory is YOUR utter defeat. Such an experience can be had - but it can never be true - for it is by your Word that your perception is delivered as YOUR experience. As you define yourself in relation to all things - so will they be unto you. Materialism denies Consciousness in a 'living death' or conditioned sleep. When what Matters to you is peace of wholeness, the true relation of all things will be restored to your acceptance.

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