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Shifting to a recognition within Consciousness changes everything by ceasing to change anything coercively

Sowing seeds of conflict so as to reap the harvest of others' diminishment and indebtedness is part of the mind of war. Indeed it needs not make war overtly in order to lay all its 'enemies' low.

The mask of PR is a propaganda machine whose expertise is to shift in ways that distract, deflect and deny any other narrative by invalidation or pervasive assertions of key speakers.

Although this can be seen to be winding itself up in an increasingly exposed way in our world. My motivation is to invite us all to look at this pattern and recognize it in our own consciousness. Unless consciousness itself is recognised or known again as a wholeness that extends and expresses through its parts, there is no liberty to be had - for one's own thinking is an example of the divide and rule of a segregative - as opposed to an integrative - purpose.

The truth shows you you ARE free. Then one acts from that as an embodiment of freedom. The paradigm of the segregated self was one of becoming free or becoming whole or becoming fulfilled. The paradigm of awakening is of an already freedom, an already wholeness, an already fulfilment - that one grows awareness of and becomes self-aware as - by living out from it's realisation.

The whole purpose of the defences of the negatively defined self-sense is to prevent such realisation, but it has only the power you gave it - and give it still.

Mindfulness, watching the mind, looking within, or aligning with an active willingness to notice the presence of the present - is the perspective from which one sees the devices one employs to obfuscate and coerce life as a result of fears and guilts that can now be accessed and re-evaluated - BECAUSE they are no longer hidden by reactive 'necessities'.

Even apparently small shifts in our perspective can have significant effects - because a host of opportunities formerly discarded and filtered out, now become available.

The negatively defined self is ultimately a choice to segregate, split off - at least in perception - and have the experience of a world of conflicting powers -as a power in one's own right. The positively defined self is also a choice to reintegrate to a unified perspective in which all polarities are resolved within consciousness.

Choice is inherently free - but it is not free of consequence. What we choose to invest in, we identify with and defend. The Unified Self is both timeless and reflected in the experience of time - to a willing discernment.

When we look at the world we are looking at effect or reflection without realising the template level of mutual definitions and beliefs that inevitably give rise to our experience. One reason we do not know what we do is that we have made so much 'unconscious'. The hidden that must be kept hidden to purvey a 'waking conscious life as an 'independent actor in an experience that seems in its moment the only conceivable reality.

The choices within the negatively defined self are all the same for they all support and reinforce the separate, segregated, and disconnected self-sense. Even the choices to ally or join with others are in order to validate one's self to one's self.

True choice is not coercively framed - and this is where discernment can leave bait dangling, that otherwise would take us for a sucker.

To open to news of events in the world without a groundedness of discernment that goes hand in hand with the integrity of self-honesty - is to be triggered into reaction in which one is deluded into thinking one has expressed free choice. Such is the art of deception.

Consciousness responsibility notices when one is baited, triggered or emotionally reactive and brings willingness to pause and  reconnect as a wholeness of being - within which the nature of what is going on is revealed in terms that are resonant and relevant to your own life choices or theme. In other words all things become supportive and reinforcing of your awakening or restorative to creative relationship in the signature pattern that is your own gift to share in.

Materialism posits a frail and limited consciousness of little effect. Be aware that victim-consciousness is the basis of asserting power while appearing to be weak or wounded. We each are communicating our thoughts, our frequency, our focus and purpose within a collective and receiving in like kind.

Traditional religion used fear of negative outcomes as a goad to choose. This is the same as holding what we fear in focus so as to coerce a behaviour. Life does not work that way - but just for its moment its seems to - then the reflections and reactions to a coercive intent witness to what was actually enacted or chosen - but are generally misperceived as 'enemy'.

Consider the investment you have in 'evil' or 'enemy' or hatred as a foil from which to draw power and in simple honesty ask yourself - "Is this what I want?". For what we hold as our desire and intention sets the foundation upon which all else aligns. You are free to uncover your true desire and you are free to interpret all things and events in terms of your decision. But in the choice to want what you do not truly want and assert and defend it as your life - you follow the same law unknowing - for you Do align all perception thus and have your choice as you have asked - for you chose to have an experience different and thus inherently conflicting, with what you truly are. You cannot escape a choice you do not own or know you are making. Therefore the call that I feel to share is to remind anyone who has willingness to listen - that they are free and are using that freedom now and can thus choose to use it in a truer alignment with who you know yourself to be - rather than what your thinking tells you.

When a choice is clearly defined - there is no choice - because one flows naturally along the lines of one's nature.

When choice itself has been redefined as a least worse scenario, there is no choice - because fear has already made it along the lines of self negative belief and conditioning.

Choiceless choosing is available to the releasing of the false - because life is already moving and within its movement is that which resonates and is relevant to your unique signature vibration. No one in a negatively define consciousness can read me because they 'already know'. The willingness to beginner's mind is a not-knowing that is willing to be shown. This is indicative of a joined or unified consciousness. One is not struggling to be a someone or a something all by themself. The strain of such futility is what gives rise to the negatively defined self. Using what is not designed for nor capable of directing and managing existence to perform a task it simply cannot achieve.

If you start to understand some of this you will start to understand the illusions that your brothers labour under and are compelled into ever more insane complexities by. The consummate perfection of your brothers freedom is your own. You cannot have it without him or her. But we do not have to join in choices that find no belonging in our hearts - nor accept what is not true of us. One cannot speak truth to power while contesting power - but one can yield into the power of one's true presence and give witness as one is moved. The response is always a matter of willingness. But when a gift is truly given, it waits the timing of its recognition. There is much we have received that we have yet to recognize.

Waking up to our part in a tacit conspiracy of hate may be painful and deeply unsettling - but a different life proceeds from an unmasked hatred. Only those who refuse to wake embody it in such naked form. They need your hatred as much as your compliance in fear of the hated. But you don't have to give them either.

I wrote this into
The Daily Bell - Unsurprising Conspiracy theories circulating in Lebanon


The imaginary but painfully experienced divorce from the 'Father' - from our Native and Unified Consciousness substitutes a 'father' that is different from our true being regardless of any form that might take. What is different from love is hate - again regardless of the forms that might take.

This alloy of love-hate characterises all the 'children' or expressions of the false foundation. This is also why identifying as such 'children' fears authority, the world and indeed our Consciousness Itself.

While embodying the 'original mistake' we do not expect support, embrace, or compassion - and our strategies and masks against lovelessness become our own loveless communication - or rather a withdrawal from communication that takes various forms.

Thus we feed and become complicit in the very thing we thought to protect against.

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