Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Defining one's power away

I responded to a not untypical discoverer of elite evil agendas whose posting I put below mine for reference.

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The reptilian brain is simply the fight of flight aspect particular to physical survival. The negatively defined self is at war within itself and 'sees' enemies and threat everywhere - and so has ever contracted deeper into a perpetual state of threat and fight mentality.

Whether in fact their are species of beings who are 'reptilian' masking as human I leave to your discovery, but be wary of the symbol-triggers of a past made in anger, fear and hatred.

Everyone acts out of self interest AS THEY DEFINE THEIR SELF TO BE.

When you call people 'evil' they perceive you as the enemy. The use of the enemy is subtle - for one has to be AGAINST something to operate within a mask of justified existence.

When you define the world in the way you do, you give your power away. There are always those that are attracted to such gifts of energy - just as there are those who look for ways into your computer (or mind) in order to use it for their own purposes.

So I challenge some of what you say because to 'do' something from an un-healed heart will only feed the fire. If you want to be more powerful stop trying to have any and release outcomes and the 'failures' that such efforting brings into pseudo existence.

Evil is a primary device for justified hatred. The ones you are hating are those who feel justified in hatred. Where will it stop? You can wait for the world or you can reclaim your life without having to wait on anyone or anything.

It may be a life with great challenge - but if you embrace it fully, it will embrace you - or rather You Life will embrace you and you will know 100% you are living without fear - even if fear rises to tempt you will use it rather than be used by it.

One can only work with the willingness at hand. Therefore pay attention to the moment at hand and abide actively in your willingness. Its ok that we forget; noticing we have forgot is remembering if we don't use it to damn ourselves.

Hope is always appropriate in a realm of ever-changing change. Despair is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. But there is a deeper root to hope than wishful thinking; there is the knowledge that it does not have to be this way and that you don't have to choose the thinking that sets it up this way and so can engage the willingness to find a better way.

Don't let the problem define you. be willing to have no idea as to what and who you are or what life is for - and see whether a movement of your being doesn't speak to you in a language you had forgotten - though the child in you knew well enough.

Hitler has been weaponised as a deep propagandistic symbol of 'evil'. There is history available that does not comply with the version that has been drip-fed the masses. It is still very active as a script of duplicity that hides the persistence of what you would call 'evil' acts. When one starts to see the mind's complexity in deception, one can recognize that the mind is NOT the tool to unravel it. You can't solve the problem within the problem - you have to yield or let go into a greater perspective in which one sees without the framework of the problem.

One might very simply summarise the pain of the world as a Call for healing - as a Call for awakening - but it doesn't yet know itself thus because it believes it is a call for vengeance or a call for self-validation. We are expert at looking everywhere BUT where the answer is. Gameover is seen as loss or death but actually it is a renewal and refreshment.

Without the fear of death, people would live very differently. One might think they would behave abominably - but actually the reverse is true. Psychic-emotional death is humiliating to the ego. It is not the same as physical death, unless of course you insist…

Be assured that circumstances helpful to the transitional shift will be provided but it is up to you where you shift to. Not your mouth - but your thought, focus and core beliefs. Live this day well and love those who share life with you in whatever way is honouring of you and them both. And when it gets hard, don't forget to breathe and centre - that the mind doesn't take your attention on a spin.

(Internet: while it works, use it wisely. If powers that want to mess it up seriously apply their will, it may become in every way deceptive). Gratitude for your hope!

Praetor said:Dennis Kucinich, on NewsMax, TV, CIA behind ISIS.
I have posted on this great website there are no more "Conspiracy Theories" anymore, unless you are still trying to prove there are ( Lizard People ) running around in human skin, can not get my mind around that. This website and others are in the process of telling the truth of the history of our world and how the evil Leviathan is trying to shape the future, so as to dominate the human race. The evil plan moves forward but is exposed by the "INTERNET REFORMATION" and more people are beginning to see the BIG picture, just because its the big picture does not mean it will not effect you. This evil plan will effect every human living on this planet, that's a given, no one will go unaffected by this. If you chose to live in denial you will not survive, you are a part of the USELESS who stand by and do nothing. Hitler only succeeded because the "so called" good people stood by and did nothing, because he promised them wealth and prosperity, so they did nothing and Millions died. Now they are preparing to destroy Billions. The Elites do not see America, Russia, China, they do not see Countries they only see the Earth and they what to Control and Dominate the planet for their evil purposes. 

The American people have a small window to prepare themselves for this evil future the Elites have planned. Let the "INTERNET REFORMATION" keep on rolling. I am Hopeful, preparing for the Hopeless, trying to wake up the Useless.

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