Friday, 15 August 2014

Moneylenders in the Template

Though I wrote this into:
It is simply an essay sketching in the realm of the financial aspect of our consciousness and thus of our cultures, locally and in many senses globally.

i appreciate the commenters here for whatever they feel moved to share. I don't write to compete with or assert but simply to  share in what can be used for reflection or passed by. Culture is not a rational construct and does not conform to rational ideologies or systems of rational mapping out because despite lower levels of our mind being just like a computer in certain respects, there is a creative level that is in and of the heart - which is symbolic of the wholeness or unified consciousness and which resonance is felt in the heart as a whole body sense of Life, connection, joy. Culture is a collective consciousness structure but its forms tend to lose their original connection with the sense of value that gave rise to them and become disconnected derivatives that are then mixed up in unrelated ways with other derivatives and conflicted meanings render the structure unstable and without integrity.

The transactional aspect of our living reflects deeply held ideas in consciousness and culture - or collective currency of ideas, not least because we associate money and wealth, with our most fundamental ability to access and perpetuate our security and survival - but also with the power to store it and use it to serve and embody the purposes of growing or becoming along the lines of our desires.

The 'moneylenders in the template' are not merely external agencies in the world, but embodiments of an attempt to coercively own or control the system itself - whilst in the guise of serving the common good or indeed the 'economic recovery'. To address the outer without the inner is the attempt to bypass one's own transformational healing or correction; which is to reseed the same tares in the new field of endeavour.

A qualitative discernment has little voice in a conflict framed in quantitative terms, as if all is equally reducible to flat data analysis. But the only real correction to error is to align with what is found to serve unified purpose - and an active willingness in this direction will illuminate anything that is out of alignment. An unwillingness to accept correction operates as a kind of refusal to communicate backed by a host of highly charged emotionally backed non-negotiable fears. (That come into play when conditions are not met). Hence communication is weaponised as propaganda and the arts of asserting a 'winning hand' or a competency by deceit.

All things align and serve the purpose of their foundation. I don't pretend or try to understand complex financial instruments, but I can sense a coercive intent as can anyone else who isn't distracted by fear or perhaps baited by the deeper fear of greed - and ignorantly and arrogantly think they can use it AND control its effect. 

Correction isn't so much a choice of whether, as of when, and in what manner. That which undermines even its own stability and integrity cannot be held to 'work' and be given allegiance indefinitely however it shape-shifts and rebrands itself.

A coercive mentality is always associated with a fearful mentality - though perhaps most expertly self-disguised in those whose urge is in wielding power rather than sharing it. Nothing so blind as an addiction and the addict sometimes the last to own it.

Sharing power isn't giving power away, but is sharing purpose in principled and open communication. In desire for a truly helpful outcome, one operates out from a different foundation, in place of defending a fragmented and conflicted distortion that seeks to preserve itself at the expense of the whole - and of others - because it identifies itself as a whole - over and against others and is blind to wholeness thereby.

All props and symbols in our world that have currency in our culture are founded in Consciousness either directly or as derivatives of derivatives of derivatives… and these become the template of our cultures, at the collective and local and personal level that are acted out FROM. When the template no longer serves a true channel of connection, it is time to be restored, refreshed, realigned so as to regain creative relationship.

The accounting for toxic debt is done in each and every consciousness. Or it recycles in a sort of reverse 'pass the parcel' game that operates in worldy terms as a consolidation of the power of coercive intent and effect. Our personal accounting is not merely to write off the valueless and redeem the truly valuable, but to identify the devices and practices of intent whereby we adulterated or diluted and undermined our truly valuable with 'Trojan money'.

Don't just teach a man to not be phished, teach him/her to learn how to not be phished again.

Fear operates as a false currency. The so called war on terror is a device among many, for the consolidation of power as an expression OF terror although coercion can use persuasion in most cases - once the essential power has revealed itself. However when it does is when its lack of validity can be seen clearly and allegiance withdrawn.

Computers are restored or reset to factory defaults to undo corruptions, when they cannot be identified and fixed otherwise. Insofar as we are 'programmes' we are also resetable by a willingness to force-quit destructive or futile and therefore valueless reaction, and await the reboot of the movement of Consciousness. This may take active willingness against past programming routines, but to release a coercively conflicted mentality is to calm into a subtler awareness and corresponding perspective. There is no way to yield to one's being strategically, yet the phrase is simply a self-honesty that no longer animates strategies of defence against one's own fear or indeed one's own inner knowings that are often hidden within fears.

In a sense everything is a matter of perspective, but when we lose it, we lock ourselves into very tight and dense compulsive knots. I have every confidence in our innate capacity to imagine and create a world in which we can uncover and explore what really impassions and enthuses us in ways that actually enrich each other rather than fight ourselves and therefore each other.

The key is what truly moves us. If we are moving from what does not in fact resonate with our life, we are following the wrong urge. A key in this is to recognize the difference between aspiring to a goal and trying not to fail. Abundance does not grow from the attempt to not lose - excepting of course an abundance of fear and lack!

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