Monday, 11 August 2014

Gaza, Israel and the company we keep

Beneath one's society are the thoughts one keeps. The thoughts one presents to society as the mask cover a deeper mask one makes to look OUT and away from what is feared within.

Mistaken identity could sound like a funny plot line for a movie - but what is held and treasured as one's self - as one's grasp upon - and power within - life itself… And hiding such fear is the engine of assertion that holds the masks as true no matter the cost.

A segregating self must displace its hate and fear and loathing on the 'other' - so that the hateful 'dies', is driven out and does not 'come home'.

I tell you it never left home. That which you hate is within you unrecognised. But the mistake is the belief that by it you are damned or condemned. This mistake says sin is ultimate and The Embrace of your own Existence must be forever denied. The lie is held sacred by its duty to preserve the separation at all costs - at any cost. For the separate one is the power to deny, to disconnect, to fragment and conflict and grow thereby.

The lie and the father of the lie, is a wish held precious in hearts of the separate ones. Actual disconnection would be non-existence. The lie is but a deceit whereby the form of denial is used to replace communication - as an idol in place of the Living.

In the symbol of the name Israel is a consciousness that believed its love was barren and so took a slave to comfort and thus begat an expression within a world of barren disconnection; Ishmael. But Love was not barren and love's child was called Israel. Love's child is not of the 'slave' or coercive mentality.

In the disconnected world, no one looks within to the true father of all that is beheld, but assert ever shifting definitions that conflict except in one thing - that the true Father is denied. The Chosen are those who have accepted the Authority that does not 'Lord it over slaves' and are the children of a true willingness that love bear's fruit.

To enter the lie as if to lighten it, to fight the lie as if to eradicate or weaken it, to attend the lie and study its devices so as to 'gain power' - all these are the mind that does not or will not pause, be still of its own assertions - and listen. How simple is the denial of one's integral Communication link to true Presence.

How expertly we attend the changing of the mind of 'others' while ever turned away from our own thought - as if it were invisible.

The nature of the lie is rising to awareness - it's all coming home. In resistance to this is all futility of struggle. One lives with oneself as a conscious extension of the Gift Life - or uses the Gift to make barren by loveless thinking. I Am, conceives you love-worthy - and looks through every covering of the persona in its identity-confusion and knows no 'difference'.

"You are my Beloved in whom is my delight".

Where we turn to listen for guidance, direction and support is not dictated by terror born of hate and fear in deceit. We choose - knowingly or as one who knows not what they do.

The Script of the world becomes the Script of awakening - when we let ourselves come home now, now in this experience, in this perception, this interpretation, this collection of thoughts, beliefs and definitions, this deep yearning to be free of pain and restored to a truly  joyous Self. Many find this on their deathbed - but releasing the world of barren disconnection is not death - but Life. No matter how it seems to the mind that looks back in loss. Life unspeakable to a mind of concepts that would 'translate' love into mechanism.

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