Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Depression as a healing movement

(I wrote this into a reply to a comment on the page article- shown at the bottom of this post).

Your Spirit is naturally and innately free. What depresses is a dis-spiriting self-definition. Much that we do in thought is hidden or made unconscious. Forgive that which knows not what it does in order to come fully into the realm of true choice. In other words abide in an active willingness to be shown what it is one is already engaged in that sets up or reinforces self-negative conclusions.

Periods of depression can therefore be seen as a process of releasing the outer in order to uncover a fresh inner movement of being.

Healing can be resisted as if it is disease when we identify exclusively with the negative self definitions of the personality structure. But fighting one's self is simply an absurdity given gravitas.

To be aligned with your true desire is to be single in purpose and whole in desire. Imposed wishing cannot substitute for your true desire - nor can it ever deliver a true happiness. An insane society reflects the frequency of our focus. It is up to us what we choose to give focus to... not the media... not advertisers... not those who are conditioned by corporate agendas.

For sure there are all sorts of ways to help ourselves and each other in a true alignment and that is what is actually going on the instant we attune to that frequency. A mind deeply conditioned to its subjection cannot suddenly accept its power, and so there are stepping stones that enable a shift from a fearfully asserted grip on what seems to be alone and threatened to a capacity to flow with and feel one's way as part of the whole.

Thoughts cannot trap the mind that thinks them... unless somewhere we are wanting that experience to be true. The territory one opens to in the willingness to awaken is indeed at times very hard to abide through - but understand that the structures by which one covered over, hid or ran away from one's self-as-believed-negative power were called upon to hide or mitigate these feelings. Coming out of anaesthesia in order to choose from a different foundation, is itself guided and supported BY that foundation.

As we live and grow from whole thinking, the susceptibility to old triggers fades.

Honesty is open minded. If we honestly get in touch with our feelings, why then force them into the thoughts that brought those feelings into experience? Owning the feeling fully releases the need to fight it. Humour can be employed as a manically driven attempt to overcome darkness within. It isn't then free to be loose and happy in the belly. To look at something that seems in its moment to be seriously threatening or seriously something it is not - and then to suddenly see what it is from awakened perspective is to laugh at what is not in the flow of what is.

And yes many tend to idolize externals as if to use them for proxy symbol of power in a fantasy life. This reinforces the belief we are powerless in the herd of personae seeking to make the mask real. The persona operates as a communication device for Life to communicate through. Worshipping one's self in such a limited reflection takes one's eye off the Ball. It is what lives and gives through us that re-minds us of what we truly are. Trying to be what we are not is much ado about nothing. We all come Home to recognizing we never truly left. (Backstage sounds of laughter and warm conversation).

In reply to
jodid I think there are a couple reasons for depression. One - we live in an insane society, a prison for our minds. Where up is down and down is up. We worship people like gods and poison people's minds with lower consciousness and fake spirituality. It brings sadness and un-fulfillment.
Second reason for depression: ....I think that depression is caused by chemicals in the brain. I think a lot of people have ammonia on the brain. I think this because when people die of cancer, they usually die not of cancer, but ammonia poisoning according to Dr. Hulda Clark. Ammonia causes the brain to fire continually due to cholinesterase inhibition. This causes depression, and continues repetitive thoughts over and over. Sadness, fatigue etc. To test for this I have purchased ammonia testers that are used for fish tanks. Above .5 is high..i tested off the charts The remedy for this is to take ornithine/arginine and egg lecithin to coat the nerves..

PS: I have no comment on an event in which conjecture enters before a communication of the facts has been given.

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