Thursday, 14 August 2014

Baiting reaction in the guise of covering a popular celebrity death

This page features various comments including my own to an article I felt to be inciting of hatred and provoking reaction:

Robin Williams: Westboro Baptist Church could picket actor's funeral after saying he was 'hated by God' and is 'in hell'

My first comment:

What is the agenda for any media giving coverage to absurd hatemongers?
It isn't that these people speak to an issue while honouring the right of another to choose differently than them - it is that they preach hate - albeit in a way most will find absurd - excepting anyone (such as the Independent) takes it seriously.
Alas that responsibility is not valued as a cultural foundation. If everyone leans even a little from their integrity, one soon sees a world just like ours.

Celebrities are often valued for the role they play in our consciousness - for we do not know the man. In death as in life they are used for infotainment - yet that says more about those who share in such than the individual concerned.

I feel inclined to say 'God' knows you as you are and never for a moment is fooled by what you think you have become - far less what others think about you. And to those who need a hateful god I say everyone - but everyone goes to Heaven. (Implicit in what I said about 'God').

Those who love to hate are those who fear to love. No wonder! 
Independent, please desist from using hate for clickbait - or allowing it to use you as deadbait. Thankyou.

My follow up comment:

On further reflection I feel an agenda that sets brother against brother, is using your 'news service'.
The article is incitement to attack or invalidate the 'religious' by the device of choosing to give focus to a particularly absurd example who may or may not be what you say they are (taking into account the 'false flag' tactics of unscrupulous manipulators of perceptions and thus of reaction). Whenever there is baiting such as this going on, there is a hidden agenda, that seeks to benefit from sowing dissension and inciting (hateful) reaction.
I look forward to some News instead of the 'same old same old' endlessly regurgitated from the belly of the beast.

- - -
To two commenters who said:
"You have no right to judge others. The judgement is God's alone. Even Jesus did not judge"
"He did in the stories in your Bible, he was always on his high horse"

I added:
"Judge not lest ye be judged" - is a most profound truth. If you recognize it in your heart it is no longer confused with 'your Bible' or any other reminder.
Jesus, upon being greeted as a worldly messiah, chose an ass. (Entering Jerusalem)
A particularly apt reflection perhaps!
What Christianity makes of Jesus tends to make the same error but if you read the stories you can discern for yourself, if you have ears to hear.
Those who 'already know' cannot receive anything but it supports their own script. They 'have their reward'. But sooner or later everyone comes to need to call on something greater than their little bubble of a self-concept, because it never was in control so much as an illusion of control they clung to.
As you give out so do you set the measure of your receiving, this is a 'law of Mind itself'. What Jesus gave is yet given now, waiting only on welcome. Love is not coercive upon you - why then would you choose to be different?

Another poster said:
"God hates judgmental people! He is the only Judge".
My reply:

To say Love hates is to say nothing as if it could mean something. Such is the nature of the mind of judgement; it can seem to divide the indivisible and then assign and associate its own meanings and assert them in place of a true discernment of the Living.
If one thus 'turns away' from love's meaning, one will experience disconnection and self-dissonance and then assign such sense of struggle and isolation to 'God' - who has taken no part in any of it save to extend Life to you to go forth and multiply the extension of the Gift.
If we choose to extend ideas that are alien or unworthy of the love that Gifts Experience of All That Is, then we have our reflection. That is, we can wake to learn to notice and abandon that in our own mind which blocks the appreciation of true presence/Creation - which is not the result of the lens of separation through which we see darkly.
To take the Name and Nature of God in vain is to use it casually without heartfelt connection. This dilutes the channel of reception and gives false witness that teaches a sense of personal assertion rather than an impersonal love.
To use the truth as a 'weapon' is not to have any sense of the true. Abide in the true and let it choose whether or what to say and then what you give out will also bless you with freedom from such personal conflicts as are 'worked out on others'.
Let the last judgement be a restatement of the First - for God does not change His Mind about His Son - and if you have awareness in any degree you have it in and of the Creator - no matter how ingeniously it may be hidden in stories of judgement, division and rejection!
"This Is My Son in Whom is My Delight". Such is the fruit of the Tree of Life. Look again at your brother and sister and be willing to see even a spark of light in place of 'seeing' what is wrong with them…. but only if it is your will to release your judgemental mind for the discernment of true will… of free willingness.

Another poster commented:
brainwashed offensive lunatics. maybe they just want attention? silly freaks anyway. even their family leave them. they should just be forgotten about and less media attention. i hope they get locked up for inciting hate!
I said:

What about those that propagate their 'message'?
What about those that rigged the 'news'?

Brainwashed indeed!

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