Sunday, 10 August 2014

The end of the globalisation lie?

A Telegraph article asks "Is this the end of the line for globalisation?"

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Global domination has run as a hidden agenda within the inevitable globalising influence of extended technological ability.

One might say the new wine has been subverted to serve old wine-bottle ideology - namely the so called 'law of the jungle' or 'kill or be killed'. Our 'thinking' is unwilling to yield to the Greater Communication and Participation in Life that is implicit in the scientific implications of Energy Physics to our Consciousness of Existence Itself. Such is the nature of 'Dark Ages'. Egotism writ large.

The propaganda is that the financial systems of the corporates which have arisen as the hidden state within so called 'developed' nations, is neutral or free or 'democratic' - when it is a coercive instrument of domination, enslavement and predation.

An image that comes to mind is of a forest canopy that denies light and sustenance to anything below - and precipitates toxins on anything that does manage to grow below.

Before presuming that wars of any kind (open or proxy, trade or ideology) are a block to global domination, take a look at history in terms of the consolidations of power and wealth and see that they are the modus operandi of setting brother against brother so as to fragment, lay low and render bankrupt or neutered as any kind of threat to the power that grows at such expense.

Democracy (on any level or kind) or indeed any kind of communication of vested interests, will not bring forth the global centralisation of power - unless it can be tricked into choosing this as the lesser of evils.

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy... while it is engaged and employed as a basis for defining experience and consequent action and reaction.

Power-Gamers are no less specialised in the development of subtler invention and discovery than musicians, scientists or any other 'calling in the world'. Are not the 'leaders' acting within the roles given them by the power they aspire to add to their selves? - and propagating such a mentality to their various populations?

The Golden Rule offers a kind of globalisation without coercion. But we can no longer understand it without adding a proviso: Do unto others as you would have IN LOVE done unto you. Because we THINK we understand power, we are corrupted of a living within the simple appreciation of the nature of love. Such 'power' THINKS it understands 'love' is weak, while it THINKS victory in its terms is feasible, meaningful and desirable. Like bot-nets of computers, coercive-power does not in fact reside in any individual or group - but in the infection of corrupted idea. That which destroys in order to 'create' in its own image, is blind and knows not what it does. Look within and see this at work in our own mind. All conditioning reinforces its original impulse. Therefore look at the root fears that are not really hidden by the disguises of 'power' and find a different way than coercive will. If you will.

Truly we are not 'in' the world as we think - but are in and of Consciousness that elects to follow a calling 'in the world' rather than live consciousness responsibility while embracing the richness of experience that we have generally limited and filtered down to a set of mutual definitions that block more than they communicate.

Power is addictive until it is seen truly from a consciousness perspective. Though seemingly irrelevant to the arena in which such addiction is equated with Life Itself, I feel to offer perspective for consciousness to stir and thus recognize that it is closer to you than your persona.

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