Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beliefs, Reality and the one true fact

(This was just a response to a line that prompted me to respond from an alternate perspective than 'taking sides').
Max Gross sandra chitayat  posted:
"Religious belief is simply that: a belief. It has no factual basis in reality except that which its believers enforce"

Factual basis in reality?

Their are beliefs that are worn on the outside - like a set of clothes. One can identify with one's mask so as to forget it is a mask.

The beliefs that are actually held ARE one's experience OF reality.

And are re-enforced by the physically focussing mind so as to be experienced in its moment as if no other 'reality' was possible.

But there is a kind of belief which holds open the possibility that one is wrong about the world, and wrong about one's self. It is this belief or intuitive sense that allows new inspiration-information as insight.

Perspectives have their corresponding experience. If you are enjoying a rationalist materialist self-definition - then by all means live it to the full. Your freedom to do so is the same freedom everyone chooses to use along the lines of their own discovery - which is an unfolding experience of exploration and illumination not properly able to be discerned within the limitations of a separative judging 'mentality' based reality. Infinitely rich and dynamically reflective expression does not appear within the framework of dead models.

As for the flux in the Middle East - it has much of fear and hate under cover of self-righteousness about it. As if fear and hate can be eradicated by fear and hate.

If religious belief is a term for substitution for a true embrace of a divine humanity - then it is a case of the wolf in sheep's clothing - seeming to be justified by externals rather than extending a true presence of an interior yielding to That which heals and aligns and corrects error compassionately.

Those who believe their reality is the factual basis, invalidate others who hold different but equally unique perspectives.

Housekeeping can set up house rules as to what is and is not acceptable as well as ways to communicate and deal with issues as they arise. This is cultural responsibility and is a collective of consciousness responsibility. In the materialist belief, consciousness is negated as the field of awareness in and of which all else is experienced, Responsibility is given to external symbols, definitions, beliefs, concepts and facts. Thus we become 'powerlessly' subject to our own mechanism.

The dark ages did not give way to Light. They simply redistributed the same energetic patterns into new forms of 'freedom'.

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