Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tin-foil hats

Comment to a Tidbits.com article 

Keeping Up with the Snoops 6: A Game of Chairs

The article purports to be serious and then brings in the tin foil hat (link doesn't work for me). The tin foil hat has a place for imaginary threats taken seriously - but has been misused as an invalidator to the uncovering of clear evidence of a lack of integrity and of corruption of service, duty or office. As coercion usurps communication and the lie usurps truth it becomes clear there are 'moneylenders' in the template. Those who would intervene between you and your true Life in order to have power over others for themselves alone.
This template definition is ubiquitous as a contagion of fear in personal and collective consciousness (culture) which operates a 'botnet' of directed perceived reality and hence our reaction.

I recommend clearing out corruption in our own thinking templates - our own self-definition and core self-beliefs, so as to regain consciousness of true choice and indeed to live such life as consciousness responsibility rather than as a conditioned persona.

PS: have since watched the linked video at the foot of the article. When is satire part of the infotainment industry? When one focusses on being distracted and entertained rather than engaging in bringing attention present to a true honesty? 

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