Friday, 15 August 2014

Deception, power-seeking, corruption and hurtred

This article was linked in Google News. I found it refreshing to see a perspective that mainstream western media dare not or are are not allowed to publish.

My comment to the article:

If you doubt this could be so simply look at the anti-comments below it. They assert hatred, ridicule and deception. The power behind political puppets is never in the puppets - power makes everyone (who is tempted to use it) a hollow puppet to a false god. 

The deceiving mentality embodies a coercive multi generational consolidation of such power through the 'smartest' arts of deception and bluster. 
Seeking power in the world is a kind of 'Great Game' that usurps the native communication of our cooperative willingness. To its suckers, it promises victory - but its victory is simply utter ruin - for true power is not in a lie - no matter how much terror is wielded to force life to conform to the forms and condition called 'victory'.

The end that justifies any means is itself a deception and corruption. It is not power at all, but slavery. The power of truth is not a weapon or a shield so much as an Is. That which is NOT cannot be - however it asserts itself in form, and yet everyone complicit will see the Emperor clothed, because such power-gaming is part of the consciousness we have taken unto ourselves.
There is no victor in a battle of wills. Only a fearful addiction to a false sense of self.

There is a saying; 'if you cant beat them, join them'. But one can refuse to play the game at all. Give it not your identity and allegiance.

Releasing an addiction is first recognising and owning one's powerlessness. Only such a sense of loss and lack seeks power outside itself in a world of 'others' whom it uses. The essential trick is of distraction in such a way as to reframe one's perception along directed lines. Look within, always and in all ways. Don't give distractions the power to divert you from your true desire. Focus there and be guided therefrom. Release terror and hate from your armoury. You hate and hurt but your self unrecognised.

Fear cannot afford honesty. If fear is your god then let it be out in the open as a clear choice. The power that operates only in darkness hates and fears the light. For it has NO existence in the Light. But the truth of you Is in light and of light no matter the lies that have been believed and acted out. Look to the choices you are making and bring them to the heart. You are not powerless as an expression of true being. Coercion costs awareness of true being and can never deliver on its promises.

The script of the segregated forgetting, and the script of a reintegrative remembering are both available to choose between while darkness remains un-rooted from our mind. All things serve the purpose you hold true for you. Choose then awake to your true desire and not as baited reaction dictates.

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