Friday, 18 December 2015

Beyond Question and Answer

4 Compelling Reasons Why the Only Answer is to Question

You get where you are coming from.
The ego's questions are always 'proving' or restating and reinforcing the ego-identity.
The heart's questions contain the answer they seek.
Bringing our mind to the heart is noticing that our questions can be refined and purified to truly speak for the heart instead of usurping and denying true desire for a busy surface identity.
A true question is a desire for answer and a willingness to open to receive it.
An actual listening or receptivity is involved.
A relationship is opened.
The true nature of answer is always beyond form even though the form may be a key part of its outer practical benefit.
The true answer might be felt as 'You are never alone' - and the forms that love takes can be infinitely reflective in uniquely experienced specificity.
Human concept tends to give all meaning to - and grasp at - the form, as if to possess and use the answer for himself/herself - but that is no longer the purity of the Gift - and so the connection  or presence is 'lost' to a mind that struggles...

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