Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Science and Experiential Consciousness

A Brain On LSD Looks Like A Psychotic Brain, Says New Study

A brain on LSD looks a lot like a psychotic brain. Earhart-Harris says that these images of a brain on LSD look a lot like a brain right before a psychotic episode. In both cases, neurons that used to work together start firing out of sync, and neurons that normally wouldn't work together suddenly do.

A brain on LSD is self-absorbed. The scans showed that the electrical activity of the brain slowed down substantially, mimicking the sorts of wave patterns doctors see during visual hallucinations. This led the team to believe that a brain on LSD is "tethered more to the internal than to the external world."

I love that phrase 'internal world'. Whatever the 'external world' is, any capacity to participate 'IN' it - in character, as it were - is dependent on a range of events of aligned purpose.
Is 'inner world' a direct experiential communication of such purpose? - but mis-perceived when experienced and conformed to the framework of artificial outer-world 'unity'.
LSD can open experiential perspectives preverbally of many aspects of multidemensional Cosmology - which is why the stories of tech innovators using it (including micro dosing) to open insight that can contribute to the frontier of rapidly innovating evolution of tech.
However, there are other similar and more natural substances including DMT which is secreted in the pineal gland - is it not - as a matter of course?
The realm of Consciousness is of course the realm of inherited psychic and emotional CHAOS - that a large part of the surface mind (external reality) seeks to LIMIT and CONTROL. Indeed there are suggestions that the brain is a Limitation device - although that also allows a very particular focus within Everything At ONCE!
But accountable controllable reproducible conceptual theory maps and models are already setting a range of parameters that filter and distort what can be 'found'.
Coming back to the idea of purpose, the 'what for' - as far as science is concerned is simply persistence (survive and procreate). Coupled with the sanctioned purpose of prevailing to procreate and persist - we have the exact basis for the psychopathic financial and corporate globalism that scientists probably are not perhaps aware of - being somewhat focussed in their (scientific) tools or specialities.

I'm not averse to ANY discipline serving a true Humanity - (which I regard as inherently purposeful) but the accretions of scientism around true scientific curiosity and endeavour has accumulated a particular ignorance and arrogance. Perhaps some exposure to experiential and somewhat chaotic 'reality' is missing in modern scientific careers?

PS - because of the imprint of terror, guilt, fear and shame that is pre-loaded as part of the human template - in various ways and degrees in various individuals. The 'regression' or exposure to the primitive or infancy states of consciousness is EXACTLY where the trigger for psychosis activates, and psychosis is one of many strategic reactions to the trigger state. A key insight being that the attempt to CONTROL reflects immediately as a CHAOS that then escalates and reinforces the need and justification FOR control. This 'control mentality' then becomes the protector of the 'war against terror'. If perspective is not regained the mind splits or fragments - and attempts to unify the sense of personal control grows the capacity to operate as 'a cohesive unit' out of many conflicting purposes or 'realities'. All of this is already reflected and study able as our world - but is not connected with inner 'reality' - while the non-physical or non local is discarded, rejected and filtered out - because its acknowledgement implicitly illuminates arenas of dependence that the control mentality finds insulting or a trigger to rage and a desire to manually replace it with its OWN systems.

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