Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Signal and noise - and a strange gait

Report of discovery of large object in far outer edges of solar system incites skeptical reactions

I read quite a few comments (to this article) and offer another criteria for discerning signal from noise. Whenever a poster resorts to attempts to invalidate or attack or denigrate others - there is an unwillingness or incapacity to actually communicate.

There is (always) more than 'factual data', there is the interpretation of that data - which is never without agenda. Self-honesty seeks to an openness without merely conforming to pre-existing known or hidden bias. But human beings are not given to self-honesty when they have investment of identity, status, and security at stake. And so the competing of asserted 'realities, models or paradigms' operates like any war, in a world predicated on war - because self-honesty is met with ridicule, demonisation and denial.

The undercurrent emotional conditionings that rule the mind of those who must be perceived to be in conformance to be credible, respectable or acceptable operates a kind of scientism that is presenting itself as a form of coercive agenda

Experts discover new gait pattern among top Russian officials
(researchers study video of top Russians and find 'gunslinger gait').

A kind of cloning is readily observable in terms of acquired traits, for the forms or behaviours of influence propagate by induction.
If there is felt to be an advantage - then certain forms are adopted as part of one's persona - which is a kind of meta-communication - through which identity can be masked and allegiances can be indicated.
If there are enough videos going back, the researcher might discover if Putin is a primary seeder as one might expect. When Hilary re-emerged after losing to Obama as part of his team - her diction had become a clone of his.
In fact once you tune in to this - it all shifts to reveal a masquerade

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