Monday, 14 December 2015

Ism Isn't a True God but Idol-ogy

Socialism, the God that Failed – And What's Coming Next

The above links to political comment on the 'death of socialism' in terms of its original inception or inspiration at least. For versions of it are becoming hardwired by technocracy via financial and corporate leverage.

Gore Vidal, the recently demised American writer, once famously quipped that the US economic system is "free enterprise for the poor and socialism for the rich".

I find isms to be rationalized attempts to map or formulate and then control or apply accordingly - and as such they are all 'dead' whereas the actuality of relational event or communication is alive. The sacrifice of individuality for presumed or assumed collective good is itself a further development or expression of the sacrifice of true nature for the identity of compliance and conformity. This mask or persona is part of being able to survive and operate within physical existence - but within the core template are imprints of guilt and fear that effectively deny and cover over the core being - and make perceptual multilayered distortion or 'mind' as an interloper to relationship and communication.

All such conditioning manifests in and as our lives, our relationships and world in repeating recognizable patterns, now generally accepted as 'the human condition'. Most thinking operates within the dictates of such conditioning, but insights and illuminations are bleedthroughs or openings of the mind to a greater perspective. Some come to question their surface reality and uncover the conditioning, so as to be free of it - but many seek to use it to gain personal advantage over those still unaware - because they themselves are under illusion of being free of it while it is running the script of their supposed conceptual and perceptual superiority in the terms it sets.

Collectivism (of any brand) is one expression of the identification within conceptual identity that denies Individual free willing - because free willing is always truly relational. Individualism as an ism or identity is a conceptual framework to which relational being - our Feeling Awareness - is subjugated and subjected to denial thereby. Not that conceptual models, maps or frameworks cant play a role where they are fitting - but the contextual agreement to use them is a relational outcome of communication in the largest sense, not a coercive trick or pressure of force.

The elitism is the idea that only the elect - the chosen - or indeed those who have chosen, are fit or worthy and the unworthiness of all else is required. Being inherently self-seeking and hierarchical, it does not integrate EXCEPTING in common antipathy to anything that threatens its 'free will' - as interpreted in terms of defending NON-relationality or a state of seeming separate independence.

Identifying power elites as unfair spoilers of the game for anyone else is still within the strategy of coercing outcomes rather than arriving at outcomes through relational willingness. Trouble begins at home and trouble abroad is a ruse to divert attention from disclosure of a kind that

would result in transformation - free willingly - in the truth of an open perspective. To the gamer - this is pulling the plug on play and so all players of every variation will play to prevent or delay this occurring - even choose death rather than let this occur.

The only way free of addiction is to restore perspective experience of wholeness and dare to find out what the outcome is of such a willingness. It is said that there is no communication with an addict until and unless they bottom out - because whatever they say or seem to agree is able to be triggered and replaced by the subconsciously operating  persona - that cannot be rationalized away or communicated with excepting by living a new and consistent pattern of actions from the trigger places.

A deep and pervasive cultural distrust of our Life, our nature, of receptivity, and the Feminine Principle of Feeling awareness is part of the self-castrated male aspect seeking to regain and assert a sense of lost potency by separating off from and imposing blame on Life - and making war on it as if there could be a winner!

There is no way to wrap or map Life in concept and make love or be love with it. It remains a private fantasy in which to worship a kind of death as victorious while presuming to rise above the abandoned gross and weak unworthiness of Life. But all that does is store up 'treasures' in hell. For what is rejected and denied is forever part of You and only your relational balance with all of who and what you wholly are will make a heaven of it. Investment in judgement is investment in Face and if everything is focussed in your Face book then you've forgotten Who you are until you lose face. However disillusionment is just another illusion of face unless truly opening from self regard to a true relational responsibility. If you are not vigilant to establish and maintain a presence of awareness then the mind will spin you into old patterns of reaction and you will not even know it - or will struggle in conflicted mind as if you are as it's thought narrative frames you to be.

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