Friday, 18 December 2015

Leaving the Pharm

Pharmaceutical Marketing Supported by Deceitful Clinical Research

When Big Money works a power agenda of regulatory and institutional capture, it becomes a network of key influence, not only to establish a protected ongoing revenue stream, but to shape the way we think. The conditioning we receive as our 'education', like the conditioning we receive from our mass media, is a skewed distortion.
It is said that the 'devil' is subtle, howbeit we are deceived, and a modern way of putting this is that hidden fear and guilt play a key role in setting up a surface diversionary persona, which is a manipulative attempt to deny and control Life. Being out of true with our Self - our Life - is a dissonance that feeds sickness on various levels, In significant way the manually allopathic interventions operate the persisting idea of power over Life - as if from a mentality outside and superior. Indeed the presumption is of a marketplace of the power to enable us to manage, persist and prevail over the feedback of due consequence that is not recognised as part of the whole - but as 'evil' or 'enemy' to eradicate.
'War on Life' is an absurd and self-defeating notion, yet fear and guilt - and corresponding rage and shame become exactly this.
Not only is it insane it is defending such insanity AS if it is Self or Life - and usurps the protection due to Life for its own parasitic influence. It really is within our thinking and feeling as a result of deeply conditioned beliefs by which we define who we are in relation and reaction to any and everything.
The problem is significantly that we do not recognize the problem - for it presents itself in ways that allow no healing - only ongoing management or struggle and loss.
Loss is deprivation, and this becomes a sense of disconnection from Life. Restoring a direct and tangible communion or connection within Life is key. This is not a conceptual matter. But what we conceive in our heart we give birth to at some level and if our heart is denied in favour of loveless strategies of the victim/victimizer dynamic, then that is what we 'unconsciously' conceive and give embodiment to.
Science or any other human endeavour, is only as trustworthy as the integrity of those who use it. The idea that systems or mechanism can be set up to relieve us of the responsibility for conscious attention is by definition subconscious conditioning (learning).  But to be usurped by hidden agenda of manipulations that work through such conditioning is deceit. Housecleaning is in order. If it truly doesn't belong to you - (align with the truth of who you feel and know yourself to be) - stop carrying it around or using it. Make room for a wholeness of purpose of a reintegrated being. This is a complete shift of perspective. Health is re-awakening to Felt Perspective from a distorted and denied version of existence.

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