Saturday, 19 December 2015

What about Meme?

In the Internet Era, It's Harder to Make Memes
By Anthony Wile

My response:
What are 'memes'? Self-replicating idea given belief?
Untruths serving hidden agenda that 'take' and become a basis or foundation of response and reaction - thus framing the narrative?
Are there 'positive memes that operate symbolic truths regardless they are not in a literal sense 'true'? In other words are there outer events or circumstances that trigger or activate deeper archetypes of an integrative consciousness?
Are the ideas that in effect are the currency definitions of our communication and agreement anything that can be gotten to capture or attract agreement and belief - or will idea that do not have support in a deeper inherent purpose of Life dissolve or fade and require bolstering or propping up with a coercive intent - whereas ideas that are aligned with true purpose need no force of will (force upon will) to make them 'true'.
The idea that truth is what we make it is the idea that might is right, though clearly each of our experience of Life - and our collective result of mutually reinforced definitions and agreements is what we make OF it. But 'it' is before us or prior to the meddlesome mind that can believe its own spin and thus spin off into painful and conflicting 'realities'.

The persona is a mask that operates different levels - one of which is to mask or hide from our self - or at least the self we fear to know. And the surface that projects away from self in hiding from and presenting to, others and the world.

Concepts of self and world operate a conforming, filtering and rejecting prism upon the Life that is both transcendent of concept and immanent as the original movement of being.

Rather than use insight to increase hate and blame of those who are found to be manipulative upon us, we may expand it to the recognize the core distortion in which we participate and propagate no less. That does not mean not to address lack of integrity - but rather to seek to do so from a shared integrity rather than a mirror reflection claiming righteousness.

The illusion of power can be withdrawn and disappears when its props and fa├žade is exposed. The power of illusion is of accepting and choosing ideas and perspectives in which the power of Life is consciously appreciated and extended or shared, and reflected in the culture that grows in alignment with it. True currency is not spun out of pretence presented as true. commented to the main article:

"Generally when it comes to statements by authorities these days, one can surely follow the old dictum, "trust but verify." Fortunately, the Internet lets us do so. We should use it for these purposes, among others."

Unfortunately, most people do not bother to make the effort.

Rather than 'trust but verify' I would say 'listen to but verify' - and my discernment is the final word in this wherever information comes from. There has always been a very strong movement to let others lead whenever it seems to suit us - and the hate them and assert a kind of leadership over them by invalidating and 'knowing better than they do'. These are two sides of a coin.

This can be put as playing the child-dependent and the adolescent-independent in such a way as to avoid the adult presence of communication of equals.

This can also be seen in the 'left' seeking to be protected and the 'right' seeking to be free of any constricting imposition.

People come to invest and believe their own spin - but they are not the mask they wear - and so whatever the mask 'does' is not the true communication of the true presence beneath it. learning to read what is beneath the surface is a different kind of listening than merely judging someone as unworthy or invalid - which then blocks further possibility of communication.

Human beings are fragmented consciousness where compartments operate in specific conditions and triggers according to the survival needs imprinted or conditioned in that one - or that group or organisation.

But survival in terms of fragmentation is the denial of communication in the assertion and protection of a partial truth or falsehood.

If the USA openly admitted its involvement and propagation of destabilizing influence in the Middle East - or anywhere else for that matter - it would see itself very seriously breached and weakened in its ability to persist in influencing outcomes favourable to its most powerful lobbies. The nearest you get is an admission that mistakes were made or sins of omission.

What is said in public is different from what may be said in private is different from what may be thought in private is different from who you are.

Living an example of congruity speaks not just in surface terms but as a tangible presence. Then the words of such a one hold more power than spin because they are not persuasive or coercive - but communicative and informative. I am not saying one's presence is a better way of manipulating outcomes - but that manipulated outcomes are dishonest.

The Internet may become much more polluted with disinfo, Subverted to all kinds of polarized bias, and such a means of surveillance and punishment - as to have lost its honeymoon period. Therefore to cultivate discernment - which is the natural result of self-honesty, is the primary sanity in a flood of lies and half truths primed with fear and guilt agenda. This does not set in identity politics - but stays open to what is being communicated beneath the distortions and to 'read between the lines'.

I wonder if 'most people' have the wherewithal to operate outside the spell that they are under. One can only reach those who are open enough to be stirred from such a mesmerism. To 'most people' anything you say will be taken in different meaning to your intent and used as ammunition against you. Free willingness is there to awaken - but an imposition upon the will has almost smothered it.

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