Friday, 18 December 2015

Feeling our way of Health

Heard of the Glycemic Index? Forget About It!
Kelly Brogan, M.D.
Kelly Brogan is a bold voice for integrative approaches to health. The ariticle above is a call to get in touch directly with our body and our true feelings and not to give all power away to external charts and models of how anything is supposed to be.

My comment:
Human consciousness has become negatively conditioned and defined. Instead of a feeling presence of discernment and natural spontaneous response, we are (generally) fear averse and database driven - that is - we filter everything through a database of meanings derived from past interpretive experience. Some of this is near the surface and we can catch it in act and notice that we have such conditioning - and so we can re-evaluate it and make it part of truly conscious acceptance or find it doesn't belong in us or make any sense for us and drop it for what does. Other core definitions and beliefs are much deeper and we don't know that they are there - and yet they effectively generate our template through which we experience and interpret Life, the world, ourselves and others.
If some of the covering core guilt and fear issues can be cleared, then there is a greater capacity to trust and challenge fear-based definitions or apparently negative meanings or outcomes.
The idea of being able to simply tune in and know what you need to know when you need to know it, includes what you need to know synchronously coming through a book or a web page or a relationship or any kind of inner or outer agency of unfolding - perhaps via generated health crisis.
Getting our basic health so as to be free of pain and conflict enough to more clearly live from a sense of wholeness of being, allows a blending of intellect and intuition - as suits are particular needs according to our makeup, the themes we are exploring in this lifetime and the choices we are aligning with as our self.
Living FROM Life is totally different from struggling to avoid pain, sickness and death - which comes naturally without struggle when we are connected or integrated. The liability of 'seeking health' is the tacit reinforcement of sickness or lack that the act of seeking will reinforce - IF coming from a fear place rather than a freedom place - even if there are fears that come up as part of the clearing out of old patterns that do not truly serve or resonate with who you know yourself to be.
Dr Brogan is making a good point in not using health-seeking as just another way of NOT really being the true presence of You. I might add that what is so simple to write and too simple for our conflicted and convoluted minds - is neither easy, pleasant or desirable to those who just want to force Life to fit their demands and conditions as to how their Life to be and just make consequence go away or hide so they can persist in being out-of-true and seem to get away with it - for as long as they can. Self-honesty reconnects us with intuitive discernment - and in the ever fragmenting informational - and disinformational  complexity of Life - we NEED discernment. Practice makes perfect... or one grows an ability be using it. Healing the split of head and heart is the core unity of our true individuality. We are not just a body - and our conscious love and embrace of the body is more honouring than making it a slave to a disembodied wilfulness.

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