Saturday, 19 December 2015

Communication and Humanity

This from the Media Lens Forum
Guardian "Comment is Free" censorship
on the issue of comment allowed or disallowed in Guardian and other sites.

I feel that the lack of opportunity to comment in any 'news' site that has commenting is a clear indication of disallowing either open public comment or to give room for issues to be raised and voices to be heard.
Denying voice is not usually considered censorship when there is a broad support for it - ie: denying a platform to the far Right. (Denying voice to any perceived threat to dominant reality paradigm)
Some subjects - such as Israel and anything associated with Jewish power agenda are considered out of bounds - and that is not helped by rabid hate messages - real or manufactured - that arise within any arena of denial. For it goes with the territory. Anti- Semitism is a necessary device to make 'terrorists (haters) of
Whenever coercive assertions of narrative deny other voices, blame and hatred arise.

I would love to see (and so I seed) a culture for humanity grow that honoured communication and practised expressing their perspective and arriving at outcomes without resorting to the dark arts as exemplified by Shopenhauer's "28 ways to win an argument" - which was originally titled otherwise and compiled to educate and pre arm towards recognizing when tricks are being employed and so not take their bait. However, I feel that a love of truth and a willingness for self-honesty opens a discernment that is native to us - but which has been covered over and distorted by the confusions of identifying in persona, and that is to be able to feel when someone is coming from an unloving disintegrity - and I use the word unloving to include all hateful forms of apparently rational or apparently communicating device.

Reclaiming language FOR communication - releases the use of it for war. It may seem that one surely has to fight for truth - but I feel that a poor choice of words; one stands or abides in truth or at least in willingness for truth.

I have found that anything arising from a truly shared communication will be an honourable outcome and that the only way that this can occur in is through a true presence extended. Not some perfect blameless faultless 'presence' but an honest sense of where we are at right now and a willingness to receive new information and perspective, whilst not withholding our own. Blame culture actively suppresses any healing potential.

Whenever I see true willingness embodied I am inspired - and so Corbyn inspires me by his unwillingness to sacrifice his presence to presentation - and is therefore embodying Humanity rather than a PR puppet. So I have more trust in him engaging in a genuine debate than those who learn to play the doublespeak of appealing to some narrative while operating hidden agenda - regardless whether they are covering their arse, lining their pocket or in cahoots with soul-less agenda that holds humanity in contempt.

Anyone who embraces communication in the way I suggest will find it transformative. At least that is my witness. I believe that when our minds are allowed to be blind to hate agenda disguised in self-supporting narrative - we become a part of and supportive of hate agenda at large. Much of this is very subtly disguised.

I can and do attempt to write in ways that link the consciousness within to the reflections of our world without. Power seekers have great insight into our guilt fear and shame triggers - but they cannot use this to free themselves and others because they are unwilling to look within and challenge the 'narrative' script of conditionings that considers that weakness or opening to threat of exposure by which power is lost.

Quality forum communications have willingness to share rather than predisposition to pre-emptive attack. Just as fake financial trickery is being exposed as less than worthless (costing the worth), so the currency of fake communication can be brought to light - without inciting hate and blame.

Our Humanity is at stake if we do not reclaim and extend its witness. While anonymous Guardian Staff posting may be a siege mentality amidst an increasing sense of hostility from those who don't conform to the tacit narratives that they are in effect complying with, we can all notice that self-protective urge to avoid exposure to an expected hateful rejection within ourselves. That is a point worthy of more awareness and discernment - for to go forth in a un-owned hate - will assuredly be picked up on and reflected - identified with and suffered.

No problems with having hateful feelings - apart from of course that they are intolerable - for it is the directing and acting out of such hate onto the Living that doesn't allow greater insight into our part within the trigger that the outer situation activates. I hate THAT hate operates so invisibly and unchallenged in the name of love (protection) or respectability - but most of all and firstly I hate it when I let such deceits rob me of my Life - of my tangibly felt presence in living the day at hand. I hate what seems evil in me - and so much so that it is censored from my surface awareness by being denied, pushed down or away in projection upon the world of others. I don't want to give that much power to evil in me - and so it has to be censored from operating as my own thoughts. Mindfulness can feel the difference and the more such responsibility is acted upon - the more presence is regained from conditioned reaction.

Whilst the narrative of rational power over Life has been of a 'rising' to the apex of evolution, consciousness in its true sense has been robbed from within. Not least by the corruption of the role of guardianship to prison guard.

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