Monday, 3 November 2014

Reality Distortion Field

On reading some comments - which are often more insightful than the article was a conversation regarding those who are perceived to have instigated the financial errors of crash or post crash failure to regain confidence and growth.
X: "this could be just a dangerous modelling mirage"
Well said - the equilibrium that exists here is the relationship between central banking hubris and unforeseen consequences.
Y: "unforeseen consequences." for who?  Pretty sure Mr Greenspan is happily retired and so will Janet, Kurodo, Ben etc.
X: Indeed they will have a secure financial retirement. However their egos will not retire - they will re-locate to the Re-writing of History Department. Mr Greenspan is already distancing himself from the lineage he spawned.
Y: Doubt they will feel much behind their own reality distortion field.
- - -

A reality distortion field operates to redefine reality so as to 'feel' better (self-validating assertion). Mutually defined fields operate in multi layered complexity of constantly shifting parameters which by design are ultimately un-understandable excepting to recognize this is understanding.
The overlay and insertion of coercive distorting 'dynamics' generates ever more subtle and complex 'lies' to protect from exposure of lack of true foundation.
True foundation has no need, desire or call to mask itself or reality. Though some seem closer or further from the Emperor, all are complicit in fear of their own bastardy or lack of Author-ity, whether puffing up or aligning in obeisance to the puffed up.
The voice of the perspective of an innocent curiosity shares not this fear but gives of a natural authority without side, edge, grievance or agenda; "But look, the Emperor is naked". THIS is the point at which the injected lie of a fearful self-doubting which was given the Emperor's vanity for self-specialness - can be itself invalidated as a true framework for choice to operate within or outfrom.
In a similar story (the Fall) the denouement operates as the prompting "And who told you you were naked?". Reality distortion field can also be known as personae - plural because we each make a version for everyone we meet.
Enquiring of our own self definitions to illuminate our own fig-leaved shields and maskings allows a perspective of a fresh take. Not to fix down a better basis for 'reality control' but to yield back into a sanity from which a vanity and carelessness of thought baited and entranced our investment. Everyone protects their investment - but if one invests in what CANNOT bear true fruit, there is every reason to re-evaluate what we are investing and why.
Materialism at best seeks to manipulate definitions - but will not expose its own.
On the other hand, the pain of a living lie calls out to be released.
Negotiating with the 'face' that thinks it faces out alone must embrace the validity of its experience enough to establish a channel of communication. But that does not mean to share the beliefs that ARE the reality distortion field.
Communication breakdown is the nature of a fundamental self-doubt. Operating outfrom attempts to manufacture self cannot share in the power to inspire or effect real change. It can only persist in delaying the inevitable... dawning in the mind of what was always present but denied currency of acceptance. Living outfrom a unified and unifying perspective appreciates that which appreciates instead of giving love (one's investment of identification, energy and attention) to the fear of loss.
To go forth and multiply fear of loss is to in-debt ourselves to that which hides and distorts our true presence. The win-lose mind is an either/or dilemma. A fight/flight life/death switching focus. The both/and mind is an embrace, not a rejection, and can seek and negotiate and find win/win outcomes.
By all means continue to manipulate and generate complex devices by which to prop up a model that simply is not fit for purpose. Unto Caesar as is due - but let the heart's discernment unfold the new.

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