Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is death an inevitablly of embracing change?

 OpEdNews : Contemplating My Own Death, Contemplating Yours By Mike Rivage-Seul

The above linked to an enjoyable reflection on death and humanity that I felt to comment into.

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When a word is used for contradictory meanings, it may be time to redeem it by always only meaning one thing, or let it rest and find fresh ways to communicate.
'Love' can come to mean a disguised form of hatred to lose, but truly, love is yet love.
'Death' can suggest the meaning that love is but a hateful illusion, easily broken and thus weak and faithless to its worshippers.
Currency is the shared accepted value. When we adulterate or usurp true value, we suffer the death of an awareness of the true, for a lens by which all is distorted.
Words define or SPELL our experience. Wise then to be mindful the word we give, for by what is given, is our measure received.
So I question 'death' as 'inevitable' in the same Spirit as Jesus, for the release of the self-defining beliefs by which the 'world' of a blinkered and split off human consciousness projects itself as time and space, is not a change in the state of Existence Itself, nor of the innate nature of Mind, as the unfolding of the ever new, but is a change in Perspective.
I embrace daily the 'death' in free willingness that releases what seemed my own will until pausing enough to challenge its currency.
I appreciate this contemplation of death for all that is communicates and reveals of the deathless. We who are so fixated on the external projections of a divided mind forget to recognize the One in All, and to know, to truly know our integral belonging as the All are One.
Sharing 'dead' concept persists the sense of disconnected and temporary 'power'. Let the dead bury the dead and attend the Living.
Love's gifts are freely given and freely shared. The gift of a cutting loss is a hard lesson to bear. I choose to abide as the love and be willing to lose the knife, and this is releasing the currency by which our personae play out the world. 'For his true love has flown into every flower grown, and he must be keeper of the garden'. Live this day well - and embrace this moment as it moves through you. 'Know Thyself'

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