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The lie is dependent on the truth it 'denies'

I wrote the following, after reading the posting shown below mine: (It addresses the way a lie can subvert and usurp a truth so as to reverse them in its own asserted beliefs and definitions).

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A lie, to succeed must graft onto truth. No one fakes an 11 dollar bill.
Mind-control is the foundation of - the wish for - the father of ... the lie.
It starts at home, an inside job running as a false flag...

Mind is One - but a fragmented vision is legion. How this 'operates' is by asserted deception. Minds then seem each a body. How many look to their foundations? Few indeed, for the deceiver is not really 'out there' or somewhere else.

Because a negative or separating and segregating mentality can usurp the knowing in the heart, bait the mind in reaction, and convince the fearful that it speaks power, that it speaks of protection, that it speaks for you, then it can serve as a sort of template for human experience in which divide and rule operates always to subvert and usurp the original nature.

Christ is not an ideology - and it's 'religion' is universal recognition. Christianity operates a cover over the Christ-light - but only for those who want to persist with what their own thinking tells the eyes and ears to report.

The thirst for truth is not the thirst for power over. Each has its own 'world' and both are in our mind until we see through to the powerlessness of a lie to share, to know or be truly known, to give and receive, to truly have and to be. A world made in our image with no room for the unique creator signature that actually IS every one and every thing - is a dead concept, a stone god, a false idol.

It isn't that there are not inspirational reflections to intuitive knowing in the teachings - but that only the need for truth can discern them, whilst the fearful MUST seek, and MUST sacrifice or crucify joy in the power that shame of powerlessness demands.
The lie would make a shameful nakedness of powerlessness, to hide in the figments of a deceiving and convoluted mind. But truth merely accepts and allows the movement of being to rise as a connected and unified power - yet power OVER nothing and no one - because power over is LOSS of wholeness. This is incomprehensible to a fragmented thinking that thinks it thinks alone.

Not arguing with your political perspective. Consolidation of power operates as a negative or segregating and divisive agenda of a separate self interest. It has personification in various movements, events and individuals, but is also like a frequency channel that one feeds by tuning into it. It's perspective upon itself is self-justification - but who, resting in the truth of their love need justify or explain anything?

In a split mind projected world is both Caesar and Innate Being (aka God/Creation).
The mind of Caesar cannot SEE anything but materialism and the politics of power though it can USE any kind of belief as a leverage for its OWN agenda.
The unified mind cannot see separation - though it can utilize all such beliefs to teach there IS none.
There is NO communication between the two - but both share the same mind in mutually exclusive perspectives.
To invest in a lie and hold it true will lose the capacity to tell one from the other - thus truth is redefined as whatever can be asserted and witnessed as effect. Though insane, such a mind is highly disciplined in defending against exposure, and rules by terror yet disguises in seeming kindness. The more one fights it the stronger it gets, for it is the idea OF conflict.
Love your enemy as your self - not as a strategy, but as abandonment of a secret worship of 'holy hatred'.
Where else would we hide the hatred we disown and deny to our awareness but on the 'other' - who instead of sharing Life are deserving the withholding of Life from?

Christ is also an idea that strengthens by sharing. Not the cult of a special and separate blood sacrifice. Not the appeal of guilt or emasculation of true presence. But a living idea cannot be packaged and bottled and sold. It can only be recognized, welcomed accepted and shared.

As a rule of thumb, if coercion is using the forms of something true, it is at best an alloy and at worst a scam.
As an absolute truth, all truths await the acceptance of your own heart's discernment as to their belonging in and AS the true of You. That which is 'written in your heart' is already present but for uncovering, recognition and acceptance.
These things too have always been known. But knowing is set aside for the experience of an unfolding drama of self in mutual definitions of a world of separate and competing interests. Until its call stirs our attention.

Commenter 'B' wrote:

Strangely, Mr. Machan neglects Nietzsche is this treatment of morality, a topic touched on in every one of his works. Nietzsche showed Kant's ethics to be an idiocy, but here there is no mention.

And regarding Christianity, Macan would do well to study Nietzsche's criticisms of it - Christian asceticism is ALWAYS a vice.

But for something that Nietzsche did not know - or did not find out until very late (a possible reason for the malaise of the last ten years of his life) - I recommend everyone on the DB to read Joseph Atwill - you can at least watch the video, its less than an hour.

Here's the Cliff's Notes version if you simply don't have time:
Jewish unrest in 60's CE
Romans destroy Jerusalem 70 CE
Romans start new imperial cult ~80 CE and write parody books, set in Judea ~30s CE (aka the New Testament)
Christianity starts in Rome, not Israel; first saint is a cousin to the emperor.
Jews allowed to start new Rabbinical School in Lebanon - Romans approve teachings, Messianic Judaism is stamped out, Rabbinical Roman Judaism is born and the Imperial Cult is grafted onto Jewish history, making Rome's history just as deep as the Jewish one.

To know the reach of the Empire known as Leviathan - look no further than the reach of Christianity. And yes, the Queen knows this already, but she was never going to tell you. Neither would her son. Nor his son. Nor his son. You think little Georgie will learn Christian ethics at Eton??? Ha!

This was in comments section of this page (if you want a gist of context for commenter 'B').

'B' replied to me thus:
Lots of lies seem to do well with nary an iota of truth. The rest of your post is incomprehensible to me, though I seem to recognize the tell tale language signs of Scientology in it.
A lie has no foundation in truth - apart from that it is untrue. But to operate in place of truth it must appear true and mingle in and or mask the true.
To the desire that a lie be true - truth itself is incomprehensible.
Such is the power or capacity to make yourself in your own image and forget that you truly are.
I don't have anything to do with cultish pyramid schemes that set up hierarchies of control and dependence.
But if the forms of the true, become associated with the coercions of deceit, then truth will not communicate through such vocabulary.
One of my points to your summary of the Christian subversion is exactly that; such subversion is the driven purpose of the corrupting lie. To make of something simply revealing, into something false and concealing - and therefore also something then to be opposed and rejected instead of embraced.
In all things we meet but our self truly... or amiss. But true intimacy shares a perspective that is not coercive one upon another. This quality of life is not likely to be believed by one who has been long in the dark of a coercively conditioned mind. But that there IS a quality of relationship available and potential to us that is not coercive is something I feel to witness and invite.
No one comes BETWEEN you and the Life that lives you excepting the wish to control it. THAT is the realm in which the game of powers operates. But it is not the only way to play Life.

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