Tuesday, 4 November 2014

US air force fires two more nuclear commanders amid leadership crisis

US air force fires two more nuclear commanders amid leadership crisis

Maybe the hand in the puppet regime doesn't want anyone commanding who shows hesitancy or inhibition in using weapons against their own population and construct any excuse to replace such faulty items with loyal dependable fully conditioned units.

The odd thing is this is thinkable in our current milieu. That a shadow power can infiltrate, subvert and usurp its host and thus operate through what had once operated under the guise of a national sovereignty.

A shadow power is that which operates to coerce and deceive in exerting power OVER life - and is inherently a 'death cult' for that is the power we give death in absence of a full recognition and acceptance of the power OF Life.

However 'blame' is distributed or assigned, however 'hate' is focused and directed, humanity does this unto itself of its own thinking, of its own choice as to being OF Life or OVER Life. The shadow is not in itself real, but in hosting it, we give it our reality and our power and it gives us a delusion of being a power, apart from Life, in and of our self. It hollows out and discards and destroys its host - for such is the nature of the lie.

The father of the lie is that which 'wants' it to be true, that finds some meaning or validation or justifiction for itself that it wants to keep instead of welcoming truth.
In truth we  each and all ARE the power that can withdraw allegiance from that which is insane, meaningless, and invalidating to all Sanity of integrated Meaning.
We have 'loved' flirting with power - even unto the ends of the Earth, as if it resides in a separate persona or even a separate god. But none can operate alone and apart for the basis for the ability to blame and hate and destroy is nurtured in every mind thinking it thinks alone.

Let the dead bury the dead - for such thinking is dead. Attend the Living. It's not so far from you but thinking makes its so. Are you under orders to believe your thinking?
The power to deny an intimate appreciation of power to share is a very strange use of the mind. Whatever the choice was to spell it out and entrance ourselves, is it what we choose Now?

An insane thinking is Legion - of multiple personae in perpetual war. Abandon the persona-gods and address the thinking from where You Are - from Life.
Listen in. Don't feed the troll! - let ONLY the truly meaningful 'go forth and multiply'. Don't be baited to reaction. Don't be surprised that such a pattern is deeply conditioned and takes a persistent commitment to self-worth.
Everyone is worthy of love's awareness, no matter what. Beware the mind that 'loves' to hate, for fear of love is a master of disguise. It demands sacrifice of Everything and delivers nothingness dressed in dreams that fade to misery in a prodigal pain of isolation and utter humiliation. Isn't it better to KNOW one is mistaken?

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