Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Noticing the mask and releasing the persona

The Ghosts of Fall

Identifying in the mask or extending Identity through a transparency of mask:

One can live as if one is the persona and defend and develop the persona as a strategy of persona self interest. This is also called ego-centric.How we choose to define ourselves and the definitions we inherit or imbibe without much sense of choice or basis for choice at the time all make up our personality construct of definitions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts, perceptions and actions and learnings or conditioning therefrom.
Jesus gave no time to Hypocrites (actors in Greek), because there was nothing actually being extended or communicated to communicate with BUT an assertive mask, but in a larger attention would use the event to illustrate and awaken true hearing or recognition in those who were free enough of the mask to let anything in.
The shift to an embracing consciousness perspective tends to come from the collapse or disintegration of the mask - which is also associated in many with more desperate attempt to assert it - as if it is one's true identity.
The mask is ALREADY a kind of virtual reality overlay to actual energetic which is sort of relegated to 'unconsciousness of disregard' whilst playing oneself in story. Mindfulness offers a way to notice more of what is actually here - not merely outside but our perceptual and emotional and definitional ideas.
The mask is essentially a strategy of coping with fear of self conflicted or painful experience. Fear operates to obscure the felt qualities of Life, it asserts itself in forms of dissociative identity.
What is it we fear but to be unmasked. In order to protect against this every strategy will be employed. Fear of evil operates itself as an inner mask to protect that which it forbids you look upon. Yet to look at this fear without seeing through its own beliefs is to recognize that it was love all along that was so fearful or rather" what we have made of love and believed true.
Fear can be used to mask and to hide in and to keep apart from. It can also be used to unmask and realign to true self.

This next bit did not fit the character limit… but here it is:

So if the world at times reflects the fear of coercive and deceptive assertions, propaganda and failure to relate or communicate or even see or address what is going on, then use that to uncover one's own participation.
Who knows not the assertion of mask over true relation can throw the first drone.
To see another AS ourself is to relinquish the voice of the lampshade and see through to the light. beware of the urge that 'loves' to hate - for that is the hiding of what we do not want to own. But no one can change what first they do not own   and persisting in war is the worship of the mask that denies knowing and being known truly.

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