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The evil of blind and terror driven self

This reply to one who brought up the occurrence of abusive and coercive acts of Satanic abuse in 'high society' as touched on by the film 'Eyes Wide Shut' as well as other acts of gratification or indeed blackmail set ups. The post to which I reply is shown at the bottom of this reply.
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I am aware that what you say does go on. I don't care for coercive persuasion - I always take such to be the deceiver as a simple matter of course - for truth does not operate persuasion techniques.
However, I also feel your humanity so I am happy to share with you such as we are moved to share and in clear decision to share with eyes open to what is within as well as without.
Focussing on the difficult makes fear the master - but sharing the experience of the easy grows the courage to move through fear.
So what can be said or indeed done about such evil as violates, corrupts and deceives?

I wrote a longer missive - but instead I simply state that if you have even an inkling of the Nature of Mind you can have a sense of what the idea of an oppositional power would manifest if you were to take it seriously and project it. Jesus said that we look through a lens darkly. I tell you that one cannot shatter the Peace of God nor break off a figment and make it truly separate - but one can believe one HAS and experience one's belief with all the mind that would equally go forth and multiply light, love and joy.

The power of belief is talked about as if our surface thinking beliefs have power - yet the surface belief operates to maintain a powerlessness that secretly worships the 'power' of terror, guilt and death - for 'death, pain, sickness and corruption all 'witness' to power OVER Life - and that wish is the root of a 'split minded' consciousness that 'chooses between' the true and false. Between Is and is NOT.

But it effectively conceals this simple 'choice' within a falsely framed choice of good and evil - both of which serve to engage and reinforce the mind within its own experience - for neither can exist without the other, though each operates on the denial of the other.

Jesus witnesses a unified consciousness. This doesn't 'fight evil' it undoes it and redeems that which lies beneath the distortions. One 'comes into' the human world through a conscious choosing to justify hate in judgement - and one 'overcomes' or transcends the world, in the willingness to release or forego what is felt to be absolutely justifiable hate or judgement in yielding to the Father's Will - to the Unified Perspective that speaks truly of your original nature.

there is NO limit on what a mind can imagine but there is a limit on the pain one can abide as a result of self limiting judgement. Even as ye do unto the least, ye do unto Me, is EVERYONE's awakening recognition. Forgive them for they know not what they do is your release of thoughts in your mind that suggest you have a will in opposition to your Source. Put it behind you and be fearlessly open to truth OR hearken and obey the call to war; to perpetual war. It is always by your choice and you can always choose to change your mind. But you cannot choose to make your mind your own but that God's Voice is in you. You can cover it with diversion of terrible compulsive tyrannies - but your Consciousness is not yours to create nor indeed lose.

This much I feel to join with the awareness of evil - that it be not hidden in deceit or pretended not to be where it is actively operating 'unconsciously'. But the only call I would sound as alarm is that which calls to look within and OWN that our mind is split, own that we are out of true, own that we need and desire healing and immediately release that which has no true belonging in us.

Yes, we can communicate truly in thought word and deed and bear witness to the presence of Life. We may restrain or check harmful behaviours, we may expose deceits, but we cannot make another's choice and if we elect to attempt to, we embody coercive will.

I might say that if you choose to relinquish such will, you find it sneaks in again and again and again. But persisting in true forgiveness uncovers the triggers within one's personal belief system whereby one is baited to react and lose perspective. We never really forgive another. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

Everything true of Spirit has a subverted egoic corruption. It is not human mind that properly denies or undoes evil - but Divine Perspective. It is simply foolish to assert that evil is not real while one operate as part of its botnet. Discerning the true of you is NOT the same as generating self-righteousness.

EVERYTHING depends on the foundation we accept. Waking to the foundation we have falsely accepted and been deceived by is disturbing, but it leads to the next, and that is to dissociate from that which hurts or denies the joy and worth of Life - as it is given you to notice you are party to.

Personifying the mind is to make a mask upon which to play out multiple personae. Others may choose to - but you don't have to. Focus on the discernment of truth and not the distracting play of personal investments or you lose perspective, communication of support, guidance and dispirit yourself.
God is no respecter of persons - means look beneath appearances to the communcation of Life that is thus embodied truly and clearly, or through a glass darkly.

Don't even for a moment think that we are going to out think the deceiving mind, for that is its art. or understand in terms of gaining leverage, prediction and control, for that will control you.
Everything we give, we receive. A negative loop has to disintegrate for the grace of being to inspire a positive - integrating and unifying loop. Don't feed the troll!

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