Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Capital idea - What!

Capitalism is under scrutiny - whatever it actually is - due not least to the financial system becoming clearly associated with a scam and a shadow power beneath mere appearances of governance.
This page brought the subject up. I simply wrote from where I feel to stand in what the idea brings up for me.

Capitalism: defending one's investment in getting more for less?
Capitalism: extending a tangible worth by growing it.

I feel everything in the world of a polarised and alloyed mentality can serve dual purpose. Nothing has but the meaning and purpose you give it. A split mind attempts to mix mutually contradictory purpose and loses all sense of foundation amidst its own convoluted spin. In believing its own spin dresses up in cleverness or pomp but has no real presence - as coercive and deceptive strategies reveal obvious.

In a 'seller's market' which is where a sense of lack, scarcity or insecurity is bought into or believed true in the terms framed, one can sell ideas that seem to answer the lack in the short term, yet capture and disconnect the sucker from their true nature, sustenance and wits.

The drive to sell to get operates the cultivation and herding of marketshare, mindshare.
Pyramid schemes pattern energy in consolidating tyrannous hierarchies.
After a while it is accepted as the human condition.
Of consciousness and society.

But Maslow's pyramid is upside down and inside out.
EVERYTHING extends its foundation and NOTHING can be unlike its foundation.
Once a split minded and devious thinking could be sold in exchange for promise of power and protection, a false foundation HAD to subvert every natural impulse to the mentality of a polarised struggle for survival. Because a lie HAS to struggle in asserting itself to survive AGAINST all that would expose it.

Everyone protects their investments. But to invest in a lie is to identify falsely.
Identity theft is the market of scammers. All trying to sucker each other or shifting alliances that sucker another, or protect against being suckered by others. Maybe wake up to find we are all suckers to identity theft.

So drawn into the drama of the game that few pause long enough to discern what they are truly doing and why. It runs like a template. There are moneylenders in the template who would interpose between a natural need being fulfilled so as to usurp the relational unfolding of growing trust and uncovering true synchronicity through extending communication.

The 'coercive will' operates primarily through insinuating and propagating definitions that frame everything in its own image. It owns the mind in which one thinks - until the identity theft is uncovered.

In a system where all aspects of it reinforce all other aspects of itself there is no real alternative but from a different foundation - only redistributions of assemblages in complex ... but increasing hollow... presentations.
What is the foundation? Is it not the lie that sets everything else up as a means to prevent and deny its own exposure?
The last or indeed the never thing one would meet or allow to be?
Yet is that not exactly what is being revealed on our Big Screen of a world; our foundation exposed? - and its inevitable results or consequences.
There is a true foundation to our existence. I don't ask you to believe it and certainly not to think or define it. But its re-cognition to awareness occurs exactly where a lie is seen as a lie, a wish as a wish, a story as a story. Because in that instant one is no longer identified within its frame. Now you can 'believe' and live out from that which Is you - beneath all that seemed real before.

Regardless of whatism, extending a tangible worth by growing it, operates in conscious alignment with Life-Purpose.

Recognizing what one is NOT is part of more truly knowing who you ARE. When the foundation shifts - all else shifts with it. Integrating and accepting may lag - but everything has changed without anything 'external' having to change.

Needs met, has been so materially defined as to deny the need of our own consciousness for a manually managed mechanical imposition upon us by powers set above communicability.
So one aspect of need that I put forward is for consciousness responsibility - for what passes as conscious is a conditioned reaction. Foundations are not ideas to impose - but qualities to make manifest - to give witness to.
Without the old foundational belief - the template crumbles. We have to 're-learn' how to live, relate, communicate. How to recognize and release a falsely identified investment and focus wholly on that which really embodies the Life as each is inspired or enthused and amused to pursue. Is that more frightening than Armageddon? If so, at least one understands why humanity self-destructs.

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