Sunday, 2 November 2014

From Eternity to here

Reality is.
Existence has one quality - which Is. Also phrased "I Am".
There is no defining appendage to the "I Am" apart from "I Am That I Am".

No conceptual or symbolic differentiation is possible to the Indivisibility of "Is".
Any image of symbol or idea operates the extension and reflection of experience
"I am That I Will be" is not a time reference. Will is Creator. Cause and effect are One.

The One Is the All; the All Are the One.
Who knows the effect/part/son, knows the cause/whole/father.

Indivisibility of giving and receiving is the instant of experiencing existence.
Inclusion embraces all that is given. There is no loss or gap in "I Am".

Experience is the Movement of Being as an ever shifting focus and perspective with an infinitely rich communion/communication. Every facet of every movement is a unique perspective within the whole and a gift to the all of the all as experience of 'Know Thyself'. Experience reveals Existence in ever new appreciations.

Creation Creates only of Itself - there Is nothing else. The idea of creating UN-like itself is part of the freedom of infinite imagination to forget in order to remember. The idea of separating self can be played without loss. The idea of self-image can be played within an embracing wholeness of both/and. While the mind within the self-definition operates either/or. The experience of the separate self sense conditions the identity to a temporal spatial reference that crystallises or solidifies through assertive persistence which then operates as a seeming disconnection from the embracing wholeness of ones Existence.

Imprinted catastrophic trauma, perpetuated over millennia, gives rise to adaptations of a disconnected self-sense operating an inversion of creative expression. Cause is projected onto 'external', to other, and to past, and power is asserted in denying, defending against, and exploiting or subverting such a world to the agenda of a disconnected sense of lack seeking fulfilment externally.

The 'lie' of separation operates in secret minds kept apart from true communication by mutual agreement of definitions that protect fear, division and perceived power as the fragment to be saved from loss and the self-concept to 'become' real or powerful or accepted in its own terms and in its own right.

The model of the world becomes in a sense a contractual substitute for an intimacy such that each operates alone to get for themselves, or join in shifting and temporary alliance to get for themselves and to gain by another's loss.

All the abilities of the separate self sense actually become a consciousness capable of unified action - and though it knows not, the Unified Self never left or it would not exist. Beneath the range of the 'private mind' of command and control, Life abides and operates un-conscious. But as the structure of the consciousness ripens or opens, so is the unifying will rising into the conscious awareness - but interpreted within the terms of its dream of separated identity that it then transforms to reintegrate the wholeness of indivisible and true individuality.

All abilities developed for a fearful agenda become transmuted to a reintegrating purpose - including those which is uncovered in the subconscious or 'hidden mind' as well as the unconscious or denied and discarded mind.

So a contract can be a form of deception wherein a separative power can operate in competing or even cooperating interests.
And a contract can be a good fence maintained and honoured between good neighbours who share the idea of just and honourable exchange of energy and worth-ship within a greater appreciation of Life-Energy and Love-Worthiness. That is, the contract reflects a Covenant of a self-honesty to one's own unified will, as it arises of the movement of being, as the revealing of Existence unto Itself - as human relation.

Most of what passes as currency of religion is no less the realm of author and identity confusion than any other aspect of living and probably more so because the forms of spiritual revelation or cultural inspiration are those within which fear based power seeks to hide in and use to justify itself in, and thus degrades, and subverts to a fearful coercive agenda.

Organized religion is oxymoron - for true 'religion' embodies an unselfconscious and spontaneous intimacy, whose presence communicates to all of a like reception - without any sense of separated self strategy whatsoever.
The key or fundamental issue is what foundation is being operated out from. The disconnected sense has to generate a justifiction for its existence - for it has no actual existence apart from the wish it be true. The wish does not truly create - but does distort and deny true awareness. It has all the power one gives it. This is often confused with the will to survive - but it is really the will to prevail over.

The rage of wish denied ravages our world through every kind of perceived and imagined grievance. Contracts to limit power operate the minds of the 'service to others' polarity and agendas to consolidate power operate the minds of 'service to self' polarity. Both operate a polarity framework that denies Unified or Integrated and Inclusive Self.

Perpetual war is the 'religion' of hating love, so as to love and protect fear and make it seem fair by projecting hatred onto others whose vilification calls forth the sucking of power from the Innocent. For the guilt belongs entirely in the mind that projects. All that is given is received as it is given and no amount of tricksy clever thinking can do more than temporarily obscure the truth of one's choosing and gifting. Our experience IS our gift of knowing and sharing Existence.

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