Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fear and loathing in the war on Consciousness

Fear and loathing in the War on Drugs | Western Morning News

The issues of using or abusing drugs - legal or illegal - are one example of where the PERCEPTION of events is coercively asserted upon the actual relations, and this device IS very similar in kind to certain aspects of drug use itself.
ALL issues have a root in what I call 'consciousness issues' but that simple and direct fact is obscured by a kind of thinking to which humanity as a whole has become addicted and identified with. The mask or persona is - let's face it - not what we are - yet exclusively identifying in it, operates a split minded, coercive and fearfully confused struggle of an existence that has painful or indeed joyless and dreary aspect from which we then seek escape or mitigation of symptoms by various means including various substances. There is a psychology of seeking 'outside oneself' for the life and love and connection that is NOT accepted or recognized in oneself - as the gift of presence that we actually bring TO our relationships.
Fear is the 'enemy' of consciousness WHEN we seek to use it coercively, when we seek to hide in it or hide it from our awareness.
We can all have opinions as to particular takes on the complex interrelatedness of life and fear issues working themselves out or being denied such healing, but opinions do not listen or really relate - for they are investments and assertions of persona. Of course we have investments - because we care for what we value. Fear of pain or loss can inhibit ANY movement to more truly align with What Is - instead of defending and asserting perceptual propaganda. Belief in gain and pleasure can override ANY movement of a truly connected knowing - IF it is unchallenged.
Look and see that a set of cultural and personal definitions determines or dictates ALL outcomes despite the personal spin in which we seem to operate as a sense of warring and competing powers who thus work out a 'personal salvation' as if to be separate independent existences. That fantasy is never true - but it is truly experienced.
If such 'control mentality' were to be identified and replaced with a truly aligned willingness for relationship and communication - of an honest owning of our fears and desires - then each and all of us are needed, for we all play a unique and integral part. The desire for a 'special' sense of self comes from a lack of truly felt love of life. Humanity does not HAVE to deny its true life in preference for a dream of wealth, power or excitement that then evaporates to leave a hollow and joyless existence within an ever tightening mask. True choosing is not framed by fear, but observes the fear and discerns its nature.
If the movement for reform is actually being directed by the drive for opening and growing markets, and pharmaceutical 'answers' (markets), amidst diminishing opportunities (failed market manipulation), then the cards are not all on the table and the findings of such as Dr Nutt are being used to serve hidden agenda. This sort of thing is normal  but unnatural.
I write here to invite consciousness responsibility. It is not without challenge but the reward is blessed. If we are the poor in Spirit, it is because we forget to be and share our true presence, but that doesn't mean it is not present as our true inheritance to BE accepted. Learning must be allowed, and mistakes are inherent to discovery and true integration. Worry and fear operate destruction to a true appreciation, lending only to the 'dark arts' of a deceptive manipulation or outright coercion.
To extend love and trust one has to have it - or an active willingness to learn and share it together.
Transitional process is wise in shifting from one set of beliefs to another.
Give unto Caesar what such residual belief needs - but no more. And wean from it by leaning to the alignment and allegiance in life lived truly. If we cannot feel connection and embrace in our existence, it is because we choose to focus elsewhere. No blame in where we chose amiss. But a true capacity to choose anew.

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