Friday, 8 July 2016

Tune in to a sense of worth - and live from there

To an assertion that "I will change my tune when the bullets fly" (IE: Communication is weak and therefore hateful) :

Bait away - but is that all you have to say?
You reveal the god of your thinking is fear and rage - no matter how masked as self-righteous 'defence'. No doubt your world proves you right - but of course that is exactly how all power conflict operates; triggering a collapse or undermining of function through targeted terror that takes every and any kind of form of deceit. Then it runs through puppets whilst sucking out the light and life. It isn't enough to hate - even though a sense of betrayal and violation is hateful - but I don't expect anyone to take my word for it. Experience your way and find out if it is in your true interests at all.

I don't say not to say no to abuse, to not check and restrain and hold to account, and to educate and teach by example - for no other teaching means anything. Perhaps you haven't met an example of being recognized in worth when you felt worth-less. and so a sense of worthless-ness seeks someone to blame - and avoids or shuts down anything that interferes with its pleasure in hate and blame. If the 1% lost the 99% they'd have no-one to dump shit on - and so it all comes home.

The bullets fly because words and ideas call a tune of deceit by which we are beguiled with hate agenda disguised as realism. It's false currency - yet we grew up within it and made our identity within it - so it is not easy to bring to attention while hate is active  - hence those who manage your world sow hate and division while at the same time preaching security and caring - to undermine your capacity to think and feel - excepting as you are triggered and baited to react.

I don't know how I will respond if I am ever in a situation with bullets flying. I don't know anything I don't need to know now, and so that means I meet the moment I am living - this day - and each day. I discover that the way my mind defines everything determines the experience I am having. Seeing within does not have to be used for manipulation and deceit - and the attempt to do so is degrading and blocking the only channel through which help can come. I didn't say more ammo - I said help.

I wonder if you have any sense of just how obscenely sadistic and hateful the urges that seek to come through the 'men with their guns'. It can change the tune of their lives - if they live to carry it. No I'm not anti gun - I'm for an integrity of being that isn't corrupted by hate - even though of course we feel what we feel - and the hurt beneath that and the betrayal beneath that and the dream of life that broke. We are all loaded with stuff just waiting to go off - but mostly we hardly notice - because all our attention is in the mind that evades what it doesn't want to know or feel.

You can tune yourself to whatever you choose - I do. But check the fruits as you go - because a lot that seems good is really bad and a lot of what seems bad is actually good.  No one else can tune you unless you give them the power to do so. I say we are already giving away our power and don't realize it - in fact we might believe hate gives us power and the freedom to use it on the 'bad guys'.

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