Friday, 8 July 2016


When a view critical of an aspect of the Holocaust was editorially denied by asserting 'holocaust denial:

Freedom of speech is not freedom to incite hatred without meeting correction and limitation or withdrawal of support. There is a difference between mistakes, genuine differences of opinion, and hate agenda - and anyone here should be well aware that deceits can be set in all manner of trolling and disinfo. But also any institutional identity tends to avoid having its dirty washing made public - and so those with the power to do so, make sure that such revisions as are conceded are quietly effected in the background - so as not to give 'ammunition' to the Evil and Fearful 'Enemy'.

But worship and protection of hatred is enshrined in negative fixations that established an assertion of justified and immutable self righteous hate - as a narrative identity unwilling to accept any revision as a result of uncovering information that reveals events in a different light.

History is 'revisionism' excepting where it is operating as a sacred scripture. Ancient fears and enmities lurk beneath a veneer of largely imposed civilisation.  Many who lived together in peace can be triggered into fear and violence such as Serb and Croat

If the Holocaust is the single most horrific imprint in the Western European psyche - which it may be. The use to which that is put as a terror and guilt symbol has and does have an emasculating effect on our imagination and expression.

While I respect that this is not a site for 'Holocaust denial' - I don't see how off-Guardian (and its readership commenting) can deconstruct and reveal the narrative devices and distortions of corporate elitism, and yet prohibit the conversation when it addresses some of the pivotal events of a WW2 that resulted in a NWO that is still ongoing as a corporately effected project using different faces to achieve the same ends.

I suggest that it was an incitement to critical comment to use the Wikipedia quote - although the gist of it is true: IG Farben and other multi-nationals supported WW2 and set up massive slave labour camps, and carried out inhuman experimentation upon many without a voice. (And this practice still goes on. Operation Paperclip protected many scientists who worked within the Nazi regime from due process of law and assimilated them into the USA. The power class does not deal in moral scruple - except as a face to present in public when it suits them.

I realize that some issues cannot be openly talked about. Man's inhumanity to Man is a horror story through the ages - still going on. The mass production of deprivation, sickness and death is alive and well and not located exclusively circa WW2. It is hidden in plain sight and most of the population are hardly aware of it.
The NWO is transforming Planet Earth to function as a slave labour camp - often with a much subtler programming but not always. It isn't really 'new'. That's just part of its spin.

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