Friday, 8 July 2016

What we Want and what we can mistakenly believe we want

This came up in response to conversations wondering what Brexit was for - intended to achieve - by those who distrust the or question the theatre of its staging. But it isn't about Brexit or any specific issue - applying equally to all:

What anyone wants is essentially defined by what they define the situation to be relative to themselves - or more accurately how they define themselves in relation to whatever's going on.

The core motivation of survival and thrival is to move away from the threat/pain or the toxic and towards the security/pleasure or nutrient. But we all define or identify our selves differently and in different moments differently.
Nearly all of our self-definitions operate below our radar - that is - they are acquired conditioning of strategies of survival.

Enter those who are aware of this and use that to enact an identity of shepherding their people - holding order while encouraging the unfolding of harmony as they see it - against the 'dangerous' eruptions of triggered fears and rages. Enter those who see this as the right or power to wield the fear and rage of people's largely unconscious conditioning - so as to reinforce it in ever more division and fragmentation while they accrue power for power's sake. The dysfunction, destruction and active denial of consciousness operates a 'mentally asserted mesmerism' within which pain (and the attempt to deaden it) is persistently 'chosen' over joy (and the willingness to be moved by it).

The core imprint is that the true joy of you will be rejected, denied, hurt, invalidated, ridiculed, hated, killed - or betray you into exposing your own inadequacy, vulnerability, weakness, self-sabotaging liability, self-hatreds and invalidation.
So the complex mask of persona, of identity in 'ego' or self image that runs in your name as you - with your consciousness - whether you set it to run as hidden ops or as the front facing smile.
The complexity of the fragmented identity on Earth is unimaginably and unthinkably multilayered and the more we try to overcome,resolve or define and assert ourself justified within its matrix - the more powerlessly entangled.

What we think we want can operate conflicting purposes almost simultaneously as well as thinking that to get what we want we have to mask our intent behind some behaviour that passes off as disarming or justified. Pursuing the 'survival of the mask' as if it is our very Life, is mis-identifying a sense of power and protection out from our past - as if the past is still happening - without waking up to look past this defence because we had such a negative experience that the mind operates a form of amnesia - we never want to feel that again - so much so that we identify life in not feeling it and exposure to it as death. Separation trauma that splits the mind as if to then be operated by a segregated and secret sense of self - now in power in fear of loss of power.

So what people think or say they want can be at odds with what they actually want - and there's the call for integrity and honesty of self - as an ongoing enquiry or curiosity as to check what is running and whether it is actually aligned with who I recognize and know myself to be - rather than some reaction of conditioning that does not serve me now.

The good news about the mindf*cking that is going on is that it illuminates that thinking is NOT a reliable guide to truth unless and until it has been truly felt and recognized. And feeling is NOT a reliable guide within a framework of thinking that effects emotional manipulation. The void seems a negative term - where the light seems more like life - yet a willingness to truly NOT know - is the receptivity to a felt recognition of light and life that moves you as a connectedness of insight, inspiration, a release of being problem-defined, stuck or besieged and a genuine sense of a good step now. This quality of being is what we want - but while defined by the problem we seek it in ways that validate the power of the problem while invalidating the power that defines itself and world.

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