Friday, 8 July 2016

Patent Bullying and medicine as social control

Bayer CEO: ‘We don’t make medicine for poor Indians’
by Nikolai Brown

This article prompted me to offer
There is much information via the above link around the pseudo-scientific thinking that provides the corporate mask of technocracy over the power-politic which runs the ‘back end’ of whatever flavour of political face.

Patents are a part of the story – but the suppression of natural medicine via regulatory and educational disinfo is another.

The use of ‘medical science’ as tool of political power is so pervasive as to be invisible to those who grew up in its framing. The subversion and corruption of any ‘church’ to serve a ‘state’ of dictated conformity is the denial of any alternate perspective in broad spectrum dominance.

The technological and I might add bio-technological penetration of such agenda into and upon our lives is without precedent in consensus history.

The political development of cartels forming through the oil, plastics and pharmaceutical industries, allied with (central) private banking as the control of money supply and therefore fiscal policy has operated a collectivism under the aegis of a scientism of evolutionary progress coupled with controlled release of technologies by which to induce dependency upon a managed and engineered society. And indeed to voluntarily degrade, divert and diminish Consciousness so as not to know the difference.

Sickness management is the basis of the ‘NWO’ – as they legally define ‘health’ in terms of external intervention – as if exercising scientific authority, and allow effective monopoly to a destructo-capitalism let loose upon our biology.
While patent infringement may be contested and protested against in public – beneath the facade is the propagation of the model to nurture mind-share – because underneath the appearance of market share is mind-control or capture.

“You are a guilt-ridden sinner deserving heel* – but we can offer salvation – at a price we set.”

“You are a weak, fragile and latently sick or soon to be afflicted body and brain – but we can offer limited and temporary power and protection to keep sickness at bay, mask or hide the symptoms, and manage the breakdown into side effects and negative synergies of further breakdown so as to save you from any sense of awakened responsibility for your consciousness, your life-choices and your creative capacity".

All sin-free – unless of course you challenge or question The State, the Medical Establishment, and the Pharma’s right to freedom from all but token transparency and accountability. Factory farmed human anyone?

Monopolizing the outsourcing of guilt, dissonance or sin-sense of self-conflict and self-alienation is not power, so much as the result of self-hating invalidation.
Whatever words, forms or faces we use, we do not escape our foundations even if it passes off as real to others who feel they get something out of aligning or agreeing in it. If we are conflicted in our self we are demonstrating, teaching or propagating conflict – even if the face is kind and helpful and well intentioned. Even if the face is very clever and redefines conflict as natural, and wholeness and health as freak aberrations or heresy to offer to the weak and gullible.

How we define ourself (in any situation) sets our foundation. All else follows automatically as our experience – but we can recognize the active choice and thus awaken as the capacity to accept a true or more integrated and less conflicted experience as a result of a shift in perspective.

* Addendum:
Deserving heel was meant to read ‘deserving hell’ – but actually ‘deserving heel’ provides a fresh perspective on the meaning that ‘hell’ loses to arguments about whether hell is real – that cannot resolve because the use of the symbol varies to mean very different things to different people.

Because something can be experienced, suffered and hated – does not mean that its inherent nature or condition is hateful, but the experience may be reflecting hate of which we are unaware or un-conscious simply because we are self-certainly ‘right’ or self-righteously certain.

Those who set up scams are aware of their device but many who then take the bait become the militant defenders of the scam against exposure because they want and need to believe it true -or their world-view is broken and conflicted identity un-lidded.

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