Friday, 8 July 2016

Why hold and allow Brexit (if the 'elites' did not want it)

This came up in Brexit context but has wider application:

The Theatre of Brexit:

Why did Cameron call the referendum?

Because he does what he is told.

Who tells him what to do? The lobbies that put him there and kept him there and look after him as they have Blair?

Your guess is as good as mine - but Cameron knows what he is allowed to know.

I don't feel to give the Elitist personae the power they love to be seen wearing. I feel a larger scope - a larger script than a scam by which to give up consciousness for a power that reveals itself as primal hate. Whatever Life is, is 'bigger' than our props and scripts and seeing the props and scripts allows a different set of meanings through a different script. Not a different remake of the same movie. Whatever movie is running - your part in it can be your conscious acceptance for your chosen purposes - or you can play extra to whatever role the mask of power struggle gives you.

I see  theatre of the mind-control in the play of an increasing fabrication of 'reality' - (at least increasing exposed as such to those who are not choosing to identify in it) - for the way we respond determines whether we choose the mind-control identity or remember it is 'psyops' and so remember to keep both eyes open - looking in and out. Then we notice the meanings we are reacting to as if true - and can check the feelings and thoughts that we hold that generate these feelings and potential reactions - by pausing from reacting long enough to check in with whether these thoughts are true of us.

Ungrounded wishful hopes can WANT to believe xyz - and manipulators can target this to get past what otherwise would not have your vote.  Negative expectations may FEAR abc - and manipulators can target this the same.

But in effect something NOT in your own interests is actively targeting your subconscious and unconscious fears and desires to render you powerless so as to seem to take it from you - but executed in ways that you believe are your own thinking - your own freedom and not be aware of tyranny operating - excepting being provided with blame scapegoats - while finding yourself piling up various kinds of debt that leaves no free awareness for anything.

Joylessness is a better word than alienation - because alienation can define a new normal but joylessness is the fruit of tyrannous thought and identity. If the recognition of mind-control operating ever more intensively does not prompt you to look at your thinking and honestly feel if it aligns with your purpose and desire in life - then carry on and keep calm while your medications lobotomize what remains of your consciousness. True calm is not suppression - but an allowing or presence and this is always joyous - because no matter what you are still here and can leave the meaningless to open to what truly moves you. This may be anything or lots of things that resonate with your life - but there is a different quality in something that inspires. It is not the negatively identified fear of loss but an integrative willingness to go for something because it is true of you. How to tell the difference? How much do you really want to deceive yourself? Denied fears generate false excitements and greater joy will encounter 'invalidating' fears.

Thinking is not enough. We have to connect with feeling - not emotionalism of manipulative strategy but core feeling - and the feeling of our existence is right where all the noise seems to demand attention. I feel choice is the remaining power we truly have within a world of choices that seems to choose or dictate and define us. That's why I sketch out something of the patterning of consciousness - because without awareness of it - it just runs the same program. Ok it grown to global proportions. Maybe we just cant help self-destructing because we cannot re-evaluate our investments and honestly account our returns. But "if it weren't for the last minute - nothing would ever get done" - although I like "don't just do something, stand there!" - because until one truly stands in receipt, a false understanding can lead the best intentioned along the road to hell.

I wanted humanity to focus in a sense of what choice truly is - and is not. So maybe I co-created it with Dave.

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