Friday, 8 July 2016

Careless talk costs lives (To a Brexit reaction)

I put a variety of posts associated with or coming out of the Brexit vote

• To this comment:

Britain was under attack long before Brexit. Glad to see some fighting spirit in the UK. Heads on a pike would be a good beginning.

I get that you have hatred issues. How many deaths and how much pain and misery do you need to assuage it - oh - hang on there are other people in the world too... It appears there are not enough people or worlds to assuage the feeling of unpaid debt in vengeance.

I'm not saying you shouldn't feel what you feel - but that when hate is given the trigger finger - hatred goes forth and multiplies. yes I know it would make you 'feel better' for a while - but truly feeling better is not merely the temporary suspension of feeling bad - but a quality of self acceptance that automatically shares out.

Self-hatred runs its world - because the attempt to dissociate and displace it out, away and onto the world operates the 'controlled narrative' . The lie that hides.

Yes - to due process of law - and yes to the restitution of law as a servant of all.
We could lock up the human race - 'prison planet' - that was quick! Or we could free them, 'awakening planet' - that was quick! Choose the planet you enjoy being in - for we each are - by the thoughts and actions we accept and share out.

It may seem that awakening to a genuine awareness of error is no fun if the world kills or imprisons you for un-masking. Or your 'allies' in masking kill you for breaking ranks or whistle blowing - but there is something about the freedom to be without the hatred and the drag of lies that cannot be quantified - and which opens perspectives unimaginable to the fear of exposure to loss, pain and humiliation.

Are people stuck in a mask that sucks them ever deeper into lies? Who is without deceit. Who is unafraid of rage and terror? What are 'psychological defences'? Survival strategies. Humanity is in some ways like a jig-saw puzzle of fragmented and fragmenting beliefs. Communication breakdown - not just at word level - but in our very being.

As if a mind can separate off into its own spin and assert its narrative existence over all else. Feedback eventually gets through because there is a limit to tolerance for pain - on all levels - not just physical. If that makes Earth the 'torture planet' - then the way out is not to persist in giving what You don't want to receive.

"Even as ye do unto the least - ye do unto Me" . He could have put it as 'unto your Self'. However the true of you can be covered over but never ultimately lost because...contrary to current thinking - you do not create yourself - but have in a sense run off with what you mis-took and are now a Promethean sacrifice or indeed a Prodigal who has yet to recognize utter bankruptcy of false foundation.

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