Friday, 8 July 2016

What do you think Chilcot redacted?

There are 'puppet masters' behind the theatre of politics.
While we persist in regarding the puppets as actually having the power to rule, the show - or diversionary device - goes on.

What do you think Chilcot redacted? The fingerprints of the who and why.
Power cartels don't seek money or oil - they seek control over the ongoing supply and demand of money, oil or any other actual or induced dependence. And within that they seek mindshare - which is to effectively frame and set the narrative - and back it with subverting the law -  in terms that lock out threat or rival to their power - and lock in the suckers. They don't operate in terms of politics as we conceive it - and that is why they set everyone else up to undermine, weaken and destroy themselves and each other with an unbelievable willingness to lie - only it isn't felt as lie by those who believe power is the only honesty, and that human beings are weak and stupid because they need to believe in lies. So this isn't just a belief in supremacy - but a predation upon those who mostly do not even know it is going on - or ascribe it to patsys, puppets and diversions.

If you own or have effective control over all the candidates - who cares how they vote? Seeing how the charade was passed off without any real exposure of who set up and runs the US that effectively runs the EU and is now hyping up 'World Changing Event' under cover of which to further unfold their agenda. Mob reaction is briefly very powerful in its anger - but also very disorganized and scattered after its initial outrage - so it opens to being subverted and controlled by opportunists. A true evolution would be a shift in which the apparatus of blame itself was dismantled. The degrading of humanity to robotic slaves is a' victory' for a hate that wreaks vengeance upon a world NOT in its own image. I see those last two sentences as illuminating a choice that is a choice-less choice once seen in such terms. I know myself by my choosing- and so I speak to that in others. Whoever 'caused all this confusion' may be less relevant than how am I being triggered and manipulated - so that I can restore sanity and be vigilant from there.

We all know that 'they started it" - along with assertion of wound is the appeal for sympathy by assigning blame regardless any part we played in the event.
Identification in self-image is denial or refusal to recognize involvement at a deeper level and so a hidden guilt projects a self-righteous assertion that usurps our true communication.

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