Friday, 8 July 2016

The Politics of Freedom

15 Common Sense Reasons to Free Yourself from Politics

This article linked above brought a polarised dissension of comment - but I felt to use it to reflect something of the way we get taken in.

Is it not revealing how the way something is defined sets off such polarity of dissension?
Don't react to some else's framing as if it is true. Listen in - and if need be listen in some more - until you are in fact reading what is there and responding to what is actually presented rather than being taken in.

Freedom is a basis from which to engage in creative relationship - not a personal accomplishment to get from something or someone else or have as a result of rejecting or withholding relationship.

Fixation in a problem defined sense of self is not engaging in politics - but more of an addiction or fascination with the negative. However - what you meet or become aware of - is part of you to feel and find your relationship with.

Is genuine communication a political act? Or is spin, persuasion, deceit and coercion the only way to get our freedom/justice/better world?

I suggest we need a real life as a basis from which to then communicate to the same in others - even if they don't seem to be having one - especially if they don't seem to be having one!

• Here is an earlier comment I wrote to the  same page but thought to have lost when the browser crashed:

"Everything will have all the meaning for you that you give it".

But I write this in a world where most believe that everything has built in meaning. Yes there are all kinds of mutually agreed definitions but whatever anyone else agrees - you are the one who accepts for you.

The old paradigm as I see it - is of "getting there". (which carries the hidden invalidation of being right here). It can be expresses in many forms but 'getting' is key. The old mind is for getting. (Got it?)

The new paradigm as I feel and live it is "being from here" - where here is a relational honesty and willingness THROUGH which the movement of being restores Presence - and living from Presence is not living from some fatalistic acceptance of conditioned perception - though it does embrace where we are in self-awareness - and transform it.

When the foundation shifts - EVERYTHING shifts with it. Put another way when a foundation is skewed, EVERYTHING is skewed with it. So the paradigm shift offers an unskewing of Everything. But this means bringing everything into alignment with who you now recognize yourself to be, as a relational honesty in genuine willingness for the embrace of Life - and guess what! - we uncover investments in a sense of power and protection in the old habit - that run counter to what we truly want - and they cant just be denied or pretended away - these are some serious fears and denials that call for a deeper quality of compassion and acceptance that 'getting there' allows - in fact 'getting the hell outta here!' is one of the getting-mind variations.

Escaping a sense of self conflict for peace - sounds good? lets go! But whatever we do we eventually find we brought it with us and the more we deny it acceptance the more it comes up through the cellar or breaking through the TV and breaking out all over the world. It goes deeper than we like or feel able to go - there is hurt, hate, rage, terror and powerlessness.

Each of us have a part in separation trauma - and our person and our society is predicated upon its denial to a very large degree.

We're all living a lie - or if you like we're all living in a matrix illusion controlled by THEM.

But the freedom is owning what is your own instead of running from it or putting it onto others and being self-righteously NOT them.

Politics like everything has corrupted definitions - don't accept corrupted currency and trade as if its real.

Where do we go to check our ideas, beliefs and definitions? In the heart- in the willingness to let them go and be in the willingness to feel and know truly. The result is that what is true of you floats and what is not falls away. That is - your definitions are more in line with who you truly are - and so this effects everything you do and the way you do it - regardless of the conditions.

So don't take anyone else's word unless it chimes with what's in your heart - but know the authority is the heart - not the one who served your recognition.

Language has been corrupted - to communicate from presence will find habits of framing and phrasing that are out of whack and yet these include all the dark arts of deceit and manipulation that politics has degraded itself to embody.

Grow the new anyway - any way that embodies life. The thing is if it extends your true willingness, it meets and sows and grows willingness in ways you don't know about or consciously intend. But if you are looking to change everyone so as to catch up or catch on - you cant do that and be your freedom. That's coercion it comes back at you and then you are entangled in polarised nowhere as if it could ever win.

But if politics is about how we organise our society and solve our issues we have to remember that we don't live to fit the system or the corporate or the collective - these systems are to fit to and serve Life - for if they don't - they work against the living - and call for correction. But one cant heal hate with hate - even if it feels self righteously justified it poisons the well before we've even dug it.

Any act will carry the consciousness you embody through it - regardless of statistics and trends, and yes gardening can extend and grow a sense of worth - in fact we are all gardeners of one kind or another - for what we give attention to we water and feed. The fixation and fascination in the negative is not serving a better and truer experience of Life - but nor is fixating in denial. We each feel our own way - and yet find positive synchronicity as a sign of alignment. We don't often recognize negative synchronicities because we are not aware enough to see the connections between what we put out and what we get back. There's a lot going on they don't tell you. There's a lot going on you don't let yourself know you know.

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