Friday, 8 July 2016

Global elites and the idea of Harvest

Another comment into conversation presuming that 'elites' operate in linear and exlusive forms of outcome - ostensibly about Brexit but that's only an example:

If I were these elitists I would not be fool enough to ride on only one outcome. Controlled opposition allows the sense of opposition a feeling of movement. Without movements to co-opt - there would be no way to maintain the illusion of power as a dynamic and creative capacity - as opposed to the depleting and destructive effects of a jui jitsu of using the opponents life-force to defeat them.

In many parts of the world, opposition is violently crushed, or leaders corrupted and compromised to betray it. Or it is sown with division to fall apart by its own hand regardless of collateral expense.

Brexit may yield the balkanisation of GB while Banking mergers and 'trade deals' operate the real 'unity' of centralised corporate consolidation. Though to some form does matter - to the puppet masters it matter not what arrangements the puppets dance or fight in - as long as it serves the unfolding of their power agenda.

I might add that while there are forms of outcome that  I prefer - it is simply true that hollow forms run by loveless agenda don't actually hold meaning for me, so by my lights I feel to be open to live the communication and relationship that is my awareness of life. Unfolding as willingness for a power of a different order than that of hollow men who 'sell their Soul-awareness' to gain an illusion of power through denial and deceit - yet remain capable of recognizing the true nature of their investment and its cost.

If the consolidation of power achieves it global dominance - it wont be the Creative - but the Denial principle writ large.

I see this helping me recognize what I do not want - so as to be more clear in recognising what I do.

Debt based power is an evaporation but our human investment in it is a constant and daily ritual sacrifice. If there are answers, they are exactly where the problem is. But not in its framework. Therefore I am open to revealing the problem beneath the displacement or diversion tactic, regardless the layers of complex entanglement - for by a simple error at a fundamental level - all else must become fundamentally skewed.

However, a negatively defined sense of self - is not integrative but segregative and operates through strict obedience of hierarchy where no one knows or has more privilege than their allegiance allows. This can be a devastating focus of attack - but is no way to live and not able to motivate the living excepting with carrot and stick incentives and mythologies. Our minds are used against us - and perhaps some wake as a result to recognize the creative power that Mind truly is - by not using 'divide and rule' to limit, segregate, fragment and deny.

And yet freedom is the freedom to use anything for the purpose you hold most dear - so if popcorn moments in the arena are your passion - be there! A mind set in and fragmented in division wars itself unknowing - but always unites against any threat to expose the falsity of its foundation. I say that time will not tell - for time can spin endlessly in loops of self-destructive error. Willingness will tell or reveal what delay in time is made to conceal.

The idea of harvest - at the end of an epoch  - as I understand it - is the uncovering of who you have accepted or chosen yourself to be. The Reset will be align you with what you have demonstrated you want. Just check that in fact you are on the bus that you feel most yourself within - for the buses are leaving the station - and ultimately - there is always another bus if you belatedly realize you chose against yourself.

And so you see, I also tell stories - which anyone can participate in or not at any level in any way they feel moved. Including the hating invalidation and ridicule of rival or competing paradigm - excepting it is not rival or competing to anything except insistence on exclusivity - not because the power to judge and make true as your own mind - or as World Leader - is invalidated as a choice through which to experience - but because truth is not made or judged, being Already True. Of course the judge can only assert narrative supremacy amidst a conflict of 'truths', but Wholeness discerns true as a self-recognition rather than seeking self-validation in external outcomes.

There is always a risk in any break in narrative control through which glimpses of truth expose the 'continuity manager' and the props of a script of limitation. But the mind is very very quick in resuming normal service.

"Nothing to see here! - Move along now!"

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