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Elite Jiu Jitsu?

Elite Jiu Jitsu: Brexit May Not Be Formalized and a More Centralized EU Could Be Built Rapidly

What if almost everyone lies to themselves and refuses responsibility for their self so as to think and act in ways that are not in their own interests or others? If you told them true they would only hate you and deny and so you are obliged to accommodate their fictions and work within such a framework but from a desire to realign or reintegrate to a true recognition and appreciation in place of a mess of nested lies. The key linkage is associating their thinking with unwanted outcomes so as to inspire more conscious discernment as to the thoughts they accept as true for them. Instead of being 'run' by insane thinking that projects cause away as if to escape it. That is how we gave power away.

Elitism is at odds with reality and so what it asserts as narrative is the opposite of what is really going on - imposing a private reality experience of overcoming or redistributing pain in struggle within a sense of threat. If such victory is hollow - where is 'power' but the capacity to de-'life' or deny consciousness its true movement of being. I am not calling from the arena - or even the stands. The 'dynamic' of conflict operates diversion and division to rule out Sanity.

The idea of power is defined by its starting point and can only arrive at its starting point - perhaps to know it for the first time. Usurping the movement of our being is a self-specialness of presumed control. But is this truly a power that we have and are - or is it an illusion defended against truth?

The stories by which we self-limit and thus seem powerless are the stories of guilt, fear and blaming hate. Whatever roles are being played out - they all reinforce the belief in power to deny and be denied, judge and be judged, kill and be killed. However the same law of return operates in forgiving and being forgiven. Anyone living this willingness knows the power of true presence - in which ancient hate is released from perpetual recycle and lies no longer demand answer or understanding.

'Justified hate' hates the idea of forgiveness. It seeks vengeance. It masks within its 'narrative justification'. It operates attack without recognizing it attacks itself. It is an insanity of fragmented personae re-enacting archetypal separation drama. Not to underestimate the intensity of such experience - but to invite curiosity as to how we set ourselves up to suffer - and is that what we truly want?

Whatever anyone else is up to - I live this day as a conscious creative relationship within the movement of being or felt presence - in which stories fade from compulsive resolution and become mappings back to the mind that made them - which I enjoy being free of and thus free to feel outside the box of what I thought I knew myself or life to be.

In losing myself in this way I open a quality of conscious depth that mere thinking blindly defends against. I cant claim anything for myself apart and alone as a result and have even less of any control I might have thought I had - at least not without covering over such presence with assertive presentation.

The power to feel and know may be denied by fears, guilts and hates  insofar as they trigger self-definition of defence against feeling and knowing.

I've written a few things lately on Brexit and in this post felt to bring the elitist agenda clearly into focus as a fascination, fixation and addiction within the idea of power over Life. As I see, the more we think we have - the less we Are - and the more we believe we need it.

However the richness and the depth of human experience is a wonder to behold - and just because there are such polarities of experience and expression does not mean we have to be identified against the hateful to follow or flow in loving life. In fact what we resist - persists and what we push away - turns out to be the baggage that sabotages our relationships until we truly listen instead of seeking power to get rid of things we hate about ourself.

Use the reflections that resonate true of you to uncover more of who you truly are - if you want. Then you recognize the story is free to align with who you are instead of telling you who to be.

John Caudill retorted:

Man, what have you been smoking? You make as much sense as most druggies do when loaded!

Ah! Perhaps You are 'The Exception'. Perfectly free of deceits and without any 'subconscious or unconscious' contradiction to your face or presentation?

Are you aware that psychological defences operate to maintain a persona or mask identity - and that this is not only pervasive to humankind - but the underlying basis for the structuring of society.

When you recognize your own distortions - you will be less quick to invalidate the perceived distortions in others.

I can accept "I cannot make sense of what you write" and accept this as a valid exchange.
But to mask an invalidating put down in the guise of an appeal to join in humour is exactly offering an example of 'lying to yourself as a way of refusing responsibility for your experience'.

When lies, tricks and deceits are accepted and traded as valid currency, communication is lost to war of one-up-man-ship. You are clearly The Winner here for you have your war all wrapped up, done and dusted. And I have the benefit of knowing and living my purpose regardless it serves none for you as you currently accept yourself to be.

But the fact that you felt moved to take the time and give attention indicates that you felt something - whatever you then chose to do with that.

When you attempt to define and control the narrative - you pretend to a power that is not yours - but if enough join in the scapegoating - it can become effectively consensual. Perhaps this sense of 'deciding or thinking for others' attracts you to become your focus in life and you rise within the 'elites' as a cutting intelligence that can nip any expression of life in the bud and use everything anyone says to prove their invalidity and unworthiness in the eyes of others.

Lies is what is going on - and what is going on lies waiting to be uncovered and recognized. Who do you trust? Your conditioning?

I sometimes drink coffee - but that is irrelevant to what I write. In biological terms the brain - (and its extensions in the body and gut) is a drug factory. Everyone is 'on' something. My basic feeling is that joy chemistry operates integratively and the denial or suppression or sacrifice of joy operates segregatively - and towards a dis-integrity.
If I join with a sense of humour in your comment I have no trouble in sharing purpose. I'm aligning in a sense of joy and shared worth, man! - what kind of sense are you looking for?

Society is already the making sense of misery, and it is impossible not to meet this 'sense' of misery as a sense of overwhelming consensus-reality in which any witness for joy stands out as dissonant - so much so that joy-beings fear to 'come out' and so withhold or withdraw their presence.

The extension of presence is not miserly and in a natural way embodies a generosity of Spirit. It is harder to hold onto misery in the gift of a true appreciation and so the dedicated miser seeks to operate in the shadows.

Yes - I am getting off on what your comment brings up within me - but not at your expense. if I did not honour your choice I would not be joining with the power in you that is real. Your freedom to accept or reject anything I or anyone has to say is a great treasure. Watch out for thieves in the night (conditioned reaction), for hackers and phishers of trojan intent - who feed off of what would have been the light of your joy - lacking awareness of any other source of sustenance.

And thank you for helping illuminate what I was attempting to convey to a worthiness for joy in others - and you no less.

On the same page as a different conversation:

Joseph Burke
"Brussels is in the process of setting up its own army" The initial phases of WWIII? The human race will never learn...

    Tsigantes Joseph Burke
    Actually what is happening is that the EU national armies will be absorbed into NATO under US command. EU countries will be paying for their part and thus USA doubles its forces and arsenal at no cost.

Is US as the commander? Only in name. The human race cannot learn - but a pause for true humanity is willingness to learn. Parasitic thinking - or thinking-feeling that opens to being manipulated and used unknowingly - has to be recognized for what it is - and is not. No one else can do this for another - but we can hold for and support the conditions of honest communication and relationship in which deceits cannot find soil or welcome and nurture. Up to you! But it does not seem up to you until you accept the true as the perspective in which the false is revealed false.

A Global Consciousness is not a global mechanism of control - but an aligning within true individuality that is embracing of its relationships rather than 'lording' over them (even in private rehearsal or 'judgement').

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