Friday, 8 July 2016

The News and controlled narrative

While there is ‘news’, there is also the controlled narrative – that is – the telling of a story in such a way as to justify a desired outcome. This should not be surprising as everyone engages in such practice in various ways and at levels nearer or further from their own noticing.

But when ‘news’ operates as the purveyor of fear and hatred – with a corresponding justifiction of self-righteous reaction, it cannot be news – and needs to be recognized for what it is.

There are news sources that have more integrity in desire for true witness – and though there may still be the polarising miasma of evils that must be somehow stopped’ held in check and resolved, it may be easier to discern where invitation to hate operates because there is not only the invitation to hate presented as news.

The thing about deceit is that it can mimic or adopt the form of anything so as to switch the unwary or the wilfully ignorant into believing something that is not true – or accepting something that draws on truths but operating a different purpose and carrying a hidden agenda.

Uncovering the ‘liar and pretender’ in the world can be shattering to one’s world view and sense of identity – but uncovering the liar and pretender in the world is not recognising the same in oneself and truly seeing that what you tend to take as your mind – as you – is not you – so much as a sense of self you have identified in as part of ‘surviving’ in the human experience – in a sense of love-hate that was at the time intolerable or overwhelming and so a dissociation and displacement was invoked to limit a sense of loss; a mask over who you now feared to be – which became conviction as a result of living out from within its sense of protection or power.

The uncovering of feelings of fear, guilt, rage, powerlessness within a willingness for true grounding in true relationship is a natural step to their undoing as a result of desisting of the use of masking deceits and denials. Not as a witch hunt of blame-salving or righteous seeking – but as a result of a softening of the refusal to listen such that the more of who you are can reintegrate to a clearer sense of being. However, the willingness to listen and to feel in such desire is also the capacity NOT to use the experience as a justification for harming self or other in what seems instinctive reaction – in fact not to use it at all – but to accept THAT you feel as you feel without accepting any triggered associations as a justifiable or trustworthy basis from which to act. Pausing – to listen and feel the Movement of Being that holds the recognition of You as embrace and acceptance – for as you embrace and accept where denial and hate seem so real – so is the recognition of being embraced and accepted – exactly as you are – in undefended opening to your Source, revealing fresh insight and realisation – so abide as this and be wary of the habit of identifying in the forms of insight as if to have independent knowing.

Although we each carry unique configurations within the human drama of polarising oppositions and distorted perspectives there is a core pattern of an exclusive mis-taken identity in self-image or concept, at odds with its own being, opening experience of loss, rage and terror, guilt, hate and powerlessness – and all the structures and devices of defence and offence that then seek survival within the framework of believed and justified attack, of an ‘evil’ to be utterly eradicated or denied, of escape, evasion and survival at all costs, and fear, distrust and denial of looking within – of in-sight – and so locking into ‘out-sight’ as a controlled narrative to ensure continuity of power and protection – without any linkage of recognizing they work the same agenda.

So to come back to the ‘news’ – remember to listen and watch and feel within so as not to accept false currency at face value and the noticing of what rises in you the receiver will uncover patterns of choice that – now you know you are making – are in the realm of being replaced by better choices – without demonisation of the choice you made before. Simply give whole focus to the true of you because you recognize what you truly want – and are.

Only by welcoming and growing the light of true self acceptance will perspective awaken within which to feel and find the balance point where all apparent polarities are embraced within you and the free movement of attention and desire guides, supports and reintegrates unto Itself, any sense of dissociating displacement – as willingness shared.

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