Friday, 8 July 2016

Layers of denial and defence - ad nauseum

Discerning the purpose to which something is put, is free from being entrapped in the entanglements of engaging in terms of the framing of the content.
I notice a very subtle mind-trap by which communication is prohibited and penalised - that is the means and power to enact penalty are feared.
Such is an assertion of power over minds - that it cannot even be truly identified because it operates our identity.
Without anti-Semitism, the Jewish Identity would and does assimilate. And so the fear of everyone ELSE suddenly hating and killing you and your family is embedded in Jewish Identity by its power class - that can thus draw on its support or at least its reluctance to more than token criticism.
The ones who work power through deceits - in any guise - Use hatred as power in asserted self-righteousness - and propagate such a mentality within the direction and protection of service, obedience and sacrifice.

The sacrifice of truth for power is the elitist 'religion' - and I mean elite in terms of supremacist, not excellence. Therefore they enjoy the term 'elites' as it confers validation to their sense of being BETTER than and superior to the inferior who personify 'lack of worth' of an undeserving  humanity of anything but under-serving  those assigned to rule over them.

Meeting this written out sounds like insanity, but when was the last time you stood in judgement over another from a presumed superiority - or sought secretly to gain from their loss? Or the last time you ruled your mind with cold indifference to the feelings you associate with weakness and loss of power?

The 'lie and the father of the lie' are one in purpose of hatred and denial of truth - and so the attack, usurpation and fragmentation of truth to war by terror. I say this is the basis of our human identity - as a conditioning from which we are almost exclusively turned to look away. For we hate hatred - excepting we give it a backstage pass to operate through us in self righteous vindication - and for that - 'our wound is sacred and as a jealous god - for from it comes power of a different order than the creation we take as our footstool'.

How else would the human mind dissociate its context and attack it than to make in its own image and mask as both life and the attack against it? The power of immunity to self-hatred is hatred of others, of world and of Life. Never pausing to look within and see a call for healing because only vengeance can be defined 'healing'.

If insanity rules our world - and our perceptions and experience of it - then what is Sanity but such recognition? However, to sacrifice the glimpse to the mind of blame and hate and denial, is to have but fluttered open a moment before returning to dreams of power amidst powerlessness.

The linkage between our thinking - at its deeper levels of self-definition and belief - and our experience and consequent identity is kept hidden my materialism - that WANTS no Source or Author but itself amidst a world to exploit and conform to its will.

In all of this power talk - is the idea that we have it in and of ourselves - or would if not denied by THEM from whom we will take what is rightfully ours... in good time. But my growing recognition is that this definition of power corrupts, hollows out and uses us - not unlike a parasitic influence working against our life-force - but either we like the ride - or cannot get off.

Power addiction denies recognition of true worth in another. is this then power? Or is it the denial choice by which pain to awaken the need and desire for true? the apple of the Tree of Life is not denied or hidden - excepting by choosing to live out from the fruits of the judgement of good and evil - in which true and false are lost to identity in power struggle that has distorted and blocked the Inheritance of Being and so is the power to destroy that holds its world captive. Or does it? Identified in struggle or recognizing self in each other in true relation. Notice how sickening is the idea of love to a mind rooted in hidden hate.

Perhaps the 'chosen ones' are those who carry the reflection and reminder of a choice we forgot we made and hid. For only a choice you know you are making, can be changed. All the struggle and deceits cannot change a choice but simply add layers and layers of denial and defence - ad nauseum.

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