Friday, 8 July 2016

Integrity of Communication

What we appreciate, appreciates. And a true willingness for life - for communication and right relationship - seeks and recognizes itself in others - and I appreciate seeing and appreciating this in others regardless of agreement or not - but as an integrity of communication - and I feel one of the most useful skills we need to value and grow is an integrity of communication. On could say our mind is hacked - and we need to re-establish integrity - but regardless the attack theory - and all its evidences, I feel that a core integrity is an unavailability to attack thinking. And when such thinking is provoked or triggered, it illuminates a 'back door' of unrecognized dis-integrity that can now be re-evaluated because it has come into conscious awareness.

Schopenhauer identified 28 tricks and deceits used to 'win' an argument - as part of noting their use in attempt to honourable debate. He published them in the hope that being exposed would undermine their usefulness but he was ahead of his time as is anyone embracing humanity despite that it is predisposed to want the dark arts kept in the dark - because most everyone uses them as a sense of power and protection. The booklet is now and has long been sold as a manual for learning such 'arts' and gaining their 'power'. But the purpose you accept is what you use anything for.

The currency of our mind is adulterated and corrupted in the same way as our financial system. It only takes everyone to lean out of their integrity a little for a lot of negative synergies to operate as rogue power that grows and operates much like a cancer. But the 'rogue power' mythology masks a loss of integrity of function - I'm not into moral coercions  - in fact that is an oxymoron. Too much inflammation! - Not that the body isn't designed to cope and regenerate amidst stresses, toxicities and deprivations - but that a negative synergy flips the system into segregative priorities that then become the norm by which healing is blocked - that would otherwise occur naturally.

Focussing on the 'power of evil' (under any name) is different from being willing to look at it without recoil and see it for what it is - and what it is not -  so as to be free of being defined in its terms. What we put out is what we get back and so if we use our mind to lie and deceive ourselves and others to then validate such a 'self' and make it 'real' - then we are subscribing to a nightmare - even if it started out in bright promise or wishful 'good intent'.

Fast forward... Well here is a world dawning on us in grim and tragic consequence of the dark arts of deceit replacing awareness of life and relationship - nothing new under the Sun! - but the growing recognition of the pervasiveness of the deceit is such that  - well - what 'strong' CAN 'strong'  be trusted? Where is integrity and true authority found.
If there is any desire to embrace Life - rather than coerce and conform it - then here is a checkmate of sorts - painted into a corner. The mind can only go over the same old ground even as it disappears beneath our feet - but then it never was designed or meant to be in charge.

The emergent idea of a matrix operated by evil overlords is still fear-based interpretation, giving power to 'Them' - and then believing we have to take it back - and punish 'Them'. This is The Archetype of a false foundation. Look at how often power is given to others - "Now look at what you made me do!" or hidden in un-straight ways to manipulate - and in overtly heartless mean spirited ways - all of which are running narrative self-image in place of simple presence.

We lie and deceive ourselves for our own reasons and often in social norms that render it invisible in plain sight. If the blame-game can be paused, we can obviously see the underlying conditionings and core self beliefs that inevitably manifest such patterns - and yet can now be challenged or enquired into and transformed or let go of as obsolete.

This is the opposite purpose to the mind of manipulation that defends against exposure excepting as can be used to gather ammunition and shielding, in the replacement of true willing relationship by dictate of static identity - an evolutionary dead end. Not a victory at all.

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