Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Big Science Con

Individuals, Not Governments, Drive Scientific Progress
By Daily Bell Staff

My comment into this theme:

As framed in human experience, we seem to be explorers and discoverers - struggling against not only adversities of the 'human condition' but the ignorances and arrogances of human conditioning.

 The covering over or 'forgetting' of Knowing - operates another 'identity' than that which is innate to our Individuality of Life Expression - and undercurrent to its masked persona or role in presentation is a running away or avoidance of the core separation trauma or conditioning that has imprinted and set up the patterns of relationship that are all forms of power struggle within a pervasive threat that allure as the desire to take the power position that is absented by the loss of Knowing - which is full feeling presence and not a 'divide and rule' fragmented assertion or imposition against free-willing.

 Individual free willing has been subverted by the redefining of will as power -over rather than as alignment-within the power of love - recognized and recognisable as a wholeness and balanced quality of spirit, feeling, mind and body.

 Everything has thus been subverted and redefined from its original native language of recognition to 'currencies' of dissociation that operate a primary role in maintaining the block on such true communication so that power-struggle can persist as the only 'power on Earth' and the determining guide and protector to our life on Earth.

 The process of Re-wakening or Re-membering from and as a deeper recognition of Felt Being rather than 'assertion of an emotion-backed thinking' and struggling among its reflections, is of releasing a particular form of fear-based control that blinds - or operates as the darkness or lack of Knowing - as attempt to fill a LACK of presence with an imposed narrative identity.

 Conflict that feeds upon itself becomes paralysis - masking as 'order' of limitation in which 'control' seems to hold perceived or believed 'chaos' at bay. Balance of inner communication is a required foundation for re-opening an expanded participation of energetic relationship beyond the 'gravitic' model that 'separates' the 'Living Universe' by reducing a communication of Totality to a teeny force acting at a distance between remote bodies.

 Yet no instant or experience of anything or anyone but is of the Whole - regardless the frameworks of meaning that can be applied as filters and distortions to meet the demand of the 'mind' currently accepted and projected as your own.

 Living Communication is of an energetic nature that will never altogether fit or conform to any model or definition - BUT our models and definitions can be aligned with our true willing so as to be guided and supported in that energetic - and embody it.

 Without more alignment - opening the 'Doors of Perception' is opening a destructive reversal to the possibility of a truly embodied Humanity - of which only tiny glimpses have thus far leaked into 'Plato's Cave'. For no 'man-minded substitute for Knowing can abide in the presence of the Source of all Thought, Feeling and Form. False currency is revealed.

 Yet the veils ARE lifting or disintegrating - regardless the concerted focussing in collective 'identity' and so as see it, we are obliged - as in a crash-course of necessity - to find and live such alignment. Not because an unloving edict demands it - but because the persistence of an unloving edit costs so much in terms of the pain of life denied. And the true desire uncovered is for life in Life's terms and not on what I previously identified and defended as 'me'.

 The underlying pattern of consciousness is itself the censoring, limiting and controlling power - that has all the power we give it by operating blindly as its embodiment - in all its various roles. One key role of which is of hatred and opposition - for this is where we get a sense of 'power' from in place of being perfectly identified in a true relational willingness - which is not given or accepted by rote or as programmed - but is a truly felt and acted event. It is reclaiming your life back from alignment with a false sense of power.

 Growing the communications of a true resonance in Life is different than feeding off the seemingly self-righteous forms of power that persist in ancient patterns of role-play. It is not waiting for Life to come and validate its new world order - in fact it is not identifying primarily in the forms of its expression at all - but as the underlying communication of Idea that is Alive - and re-Minding us by operating through us and reflecting to us - each within the Whole and therefore within each other.

 The scientific expansion of perspective that HAS been revealed has not yet been accepted in its Consciousness implications and obligations - because the core imprinting of limitation via division and control is not itself recognized - in act. This is an individual responsibility that no amount of 'teaching theory' or associating in 'identity' woven of such theory can substitute for. Yet the mind in 'rehearsal' does substitute for Life - as if to bring safety while seeming to work towards resolving or regaining lost power.

 False currency is a key phrase I use here on Daily Bell - for in an extroverted form - you are aware of the device by which to own the system by which all else has been brought to depend on. Expansion of Consciousness is the recognition within Mind of perspectives that were already present but effectively hidden or denied by one's current sense of self-definition.

 All definitions bring consequences or fruits of identity-experience. But only those that align with who you truly know and feel yourself to be - are belonging in you. If you persist in attempting to become who you are not - you will succeed in forgetting who you are. This is a moment by moment responsibility. You cannot 'go to mind' and get a formula for how to live your life. You are an individual at root regardless the fragmentations that are reflecting as experience - but this is a fruit to be savoured and appropriately shared, not a mind-identity to sacrifice true presence of Life to - so as to 'replace it'.

 My comment here responds to the energetic that the article communicates within me - not merely the forms. In an 'Electric Universe', Everything is Communication - bar none. But the act of definition operates some quality of differentiation and limitation within the Idea of focusing in true desire.

 To be the 'puzzle piece' that I truly am is to meet the alignments of Life regardless that others have their own freely unfolding experience. This is my individuality - for no role is invalidated - just because it is not my current choice. We do not gain power by invalidating the power of others - we lose it. But power here means something different to what it is currently colluded in meaning.

 Redeeming meaning from false or falsely framed meanings is a true accounting. It is only by a false accounting that pain and destruction can be outsourced to 'others' while playing out an elitist or exclusive and Life-rejecting 'individualism'.

 The idea of a 'need to know' uncovering its desire fulfilled is also the need or desire to be who you are - regardless of any obstructions, persecutions or limitations encountered. Indeed these are part of the unfolding and not really as the sense of lack defines them, but this has to be realised to be true. It cant just be asserted true as if to gain a superior commentary position within the identity in lack.

 We (each) - and on that basis - together have to find ways to use apparent obstruction or adversity so as to restore and reintegrate to living purpose rather than fragment into polarized reactivity. Unless that is in fact the purpose that is accepted as your living will.

 We are conditioned to seek greater force of leverage - but I invite a greater perspective upon our active definitions. Imagination is freedom - and in freedom to imagine other perspectives is an arbitrary set of mind replaced without war - although the symptoms of an old pattern may persist while the core of new insight grows within.

 Emotionality is not free feeling - and in a sense is the fear of intimacy or full feeling. The 'resistance' to looking within is generally held in place by emotionally backed conditioning. But to exclusively 'look out' - without true insight is a state of dissociation and denial - regardless how 'normal' its consensual camouflage.

     dsaulw made this comment to the main article:

     Not only will government-sponsored science not produce anything innovative to speak of, it will do its best to destroy anyone who is trying to advance science that runs counter to the party line. Just think about what it has done to global warming dissidents, and to those who have come up with treatments for cancer outside of the sanctioned box.


 My response to dsaulw:

     I feel you would be better saying 'corporate-governance'. The corporate sector long ago 'captured' and subverted most of any power in government from behind the scenes. So called 'trade deals' like TPIP are only seeking to 'legalize' this openly.

     If there were somehow 'free trade' restored to idea exploration and development then would we all not simply recreate the same hierarchical power struggle because our relation to idea is exploitative rather than truly creative?

     As for science - its foundations define its limits and although the model can be tweaked around the edges and minutiae of details filled in - they will all be conformed and interpreted through the core foundational intent - and so the dots are joined up to 'validate' what the core intention is set to - regardless the forms it takes.

     'Trojan horse' is an idea of hiding agenda in a seemingly sacred or benign and auspicious or acceptable and respectable form. Once you have 'swallowed the bait' your identity is compromised - or replaced - with something not unlike a cuckoo's egg, where the emergent chick sucks your resources and protections while destroying your true offspring. Not unlike the forms of many cancers

     The reversal or undoing of deceit operates from a true foundation rather than becoming baited into conflict. The growing or rising of wholeness and health within the body politic is through the witnessing of its living qualities regardless appearances and assertions to the contrary.

     You (anyone) may observe the patterns you ascribe to 'government' in your own mind so readily as to be almost stating the self-evident - that has somehow been rendered invisible by a 'collectivist' hatred of oppositional or rival power that is demonized when inconvenient to the furthering or masking of one's own.

     Innovations as such, may have far reaching consequences that may be much harder (or impossible) to put back in their box than release - such as genetic engineering or AI in their ability to replace humanity and the environment with hacked versions carrying agenda that even their proponents may be ignorant of.

     The idea of progress is according to What and Who and Why. A lust for power over Life that does not know the root of its own drive to possess it - has a different notion of progress than the desire to embracing Life.

     "Ironically, ever since we “scientized” nutrition, the state of our health has declined. Decisions about what to eat and drink have gone from habits of culture and heritage to calculated choices based on shortsighted nutritional theories, with little consideration of how human beings reached modernity in the first place." (~ Pearlmutter: Grain Brain)

     'Scientizing' is weaponizing or marketising - in short it is operating a command and control power agenda under the guise of 'serving humanity', 'progress', evolution and of course to make a 'better world' or even a new world order - but for who exactly? The anti-Nature element in science has an arrogant undertone of deep seated rage and distrust - as if "Never Again!" to suffer such hurt or loss as has become collectively associated with what such distrust frames as our 'original' or given nature.

     Seeking to make 'sense' of experience arises when we know not what we do - and don't recognize ourselves in Creation - and so mind that operated as if disconnected calls upon itself to justify itself in denial of its own reflection.

     The 'meanings' given cancer and used as currency by society are almost all those of the rogue cell or the symptom as the disease to be warred upon, eradicated or managed because it cant be trusted not to flare up and kill you. This is not a biological practicality so much as the original imprinting from which we have not evolved regardless clothing it in technological sophistry. However - on a biological level:

     Seneff offers a welcome shift of perspective that does not automatically assign or dump guilt and causality on the body as a 'rogue agent' but recognizes relationship with environmental nutrients and toxicities as the point at which accepted but false 'truths' have undermined a natural discerning OF mind by the confusion of identifying within such thinking.

     This thinking is so deeply embedded and emotionally charged so as to make a cancer diagnosis a 'voodoo' that can trigger a deeper guilt and powerlessness of Life that often collapses to accept any directions of 'help' that are generally emphatically asserted as an immediate step without pause to question or challenge any of the information and what it actually means.

     The 'sin' - and punishment - is then projected to anyone who 'deprives' or misleads with 'false' hope in place of 'official treatment' that is more often than not more destructive than the disease.

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