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Scientizing, marketizing, weaponizing, lies

Zika fake science back in the news; con artists at work
by Jon Rappoport   
Is it about science or money?

US health agencies want more than the $600 million they’ve allotted to the “war against Zika.” They want $1.9 billion. Why not? They always want more money.

To make their case, the CDC has pushed out a new Zika study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): “Zika Virus and Birth Defects — Reviewing the Evidence for Causality”.

Before commenting on that study, let’s recall a devastating statement the NEJM’s former editor, Marcia Angell, issued in 2009, after she had headed up that non-science machine for 20 years:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
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I appreciate your (Jon's) willingness to speak out against accepting false witness. I note that the resources of those who seek to distort truth for power agenda - be that conspiring, tacitly operating or unconsciously aligning in - can persist over time in such a way that the pockets of 'resistance' die out from underfunding and irrelevance in the massed mind of following and aligning in power as it is perceived to be operating - regardless what the consequences might be - because to step outside that identity is too terrifying or indeed un-thinkable. I believe our blocks or traps are definitional at root and that in your terms - to re-imagine is to see the opportunity of self-knowledge and healing where before the symptoms or outer effects reflected deeply embedded conditioning that itself needs to come up and be re-evaluated. This is not easy because we all seek to protect our sense of self from exposure to what we hate to own or fear to know.

I believe money is a leveraging medium in this and behind it is power. So it isn't the choice between science and money - but between honesty and power - as each are defined in any situation for those involved. Power may be a capacity for changing society or any other relational outcome, to align and conform to your continued role, status and identity.

Merely engaging at the level of castigating persons judged morally reprehensible or criminally motivated, tends to reflect us - without illuminating the forces of relational conditioning that result in such symptoms just as our transportation network results in supermarkets.
Yes I feel the law needs to operate against corporate transnational fraud - but beneath that needs a clearer view of what is actually going on - not in panto terms of villains - but of our relational and social patterns as they manifest from hidden personal and collective definitions and beliefs - most of which are preverbal and un-conscious presumptions of reality that have never been called into question and are actively defended from being brought to an exposure that is felt to be the recurrence of identity trauma that the persona is hard wired to cover over.

On the plus side, there is a conscious level of hate and fear that is becoming more than a pervasive background as the beast rises up from unconscious depth to no longer be coverable, and if the identity-persona no longer does its original job of protecting or hiding from the intolerable - then there is a greater willingness to question it, challenge it or enquire as to what is really going on in this conscious experience of disturbance. The matrix of sleepwalking depends on reacting with self certainty to align against the hated and feared other.

When I was a child we were told that when we made ugly faces in play, that if the wind changed, we might be stuck with them. This is not science - but a deeper wisdom - for impersonating and taking on of roles that are out of true with who you really are can indeed find such reflected acceptance that status and power are given and you start to believe  and become imprisoned in your own spin.

Humanity has 'played' within the idea of limitation, become enamoured and fascinated in it and in a sense taken over and compelled by the forces invoked within it. Not that all limitation is negative for a cohesive experience requires some things in proportion. But any limited self sense taken or accepted as whole self - not only cuts off or subverts and distorts the communications of 'denied or forgotten self', but demonizes them as violations while defending an alien sense of power over self as if that is the way life works. And that is the conditioning of many who depend on such a power to keep the matrix of personality in place - against what thought is foresworn not to refer to.

When we break the societal or group rule - because the cost of the rule is unbearable and the rule itself insane - it is we who are found unbearable and considered insane. "Just don't look there, think like that or talk about it. Sacrifice is the way we survive in the darkness and your curiosity and imagination must be harnessed to seek the light in ways that must never let it in.
What hides in the dark believes the light to be fearful - because its first experience of consciousness is associated with fear that is never to be allowed again - and whatever keeps terror at bay is part of the price we pay - being necessary evil that must ever be appeased.

Excepting this - that when the drama is opened - what is actually exposed beneath it is a perspective upon it from a foundation that fear does not know and caused to be hidden.
But the compulsion to engage in character and play out the drama is the persistence of delay in which the presence of what is truly present cannot be received - and everything is filtered through a distorting lens of a false context from which conflicted fragments re-enact the 'Separation' endlessly - as every moment of experience divorced from direct and intimate communion.

For want of any words I used communion because it is a feeling of being that is open to and responsive within Life. It is not a goal - but the only true starting place - and as time is serving the purpose you give it (delay or willing acceptance), you can always re-member and resume from who you are no matter what drama seemed to locate you in someone/somewhere else.

The getting or needy compulsion is carrot-goaled and stick-driven. But a present appreciation is free to choose goals that extend and reflect who we truly are - both in time currently and out of time as the vibratory presence of a unique gift of being - to have and to hold and to share. Divorcing our truth is not 'independence' but to place ourself under a tyrannous deceit. A liar by nature for how else can we be who we are not and 'get' our reward?

Tracy Kolenchuk says to the main article: (snips)
Research studies for medical treatments, do not study cures. CURED is never defined, and if a cure is actually encountered, it cannot be noticed, much less documented.

So… If birth defects are caused by a virus, a parasite, the drug companies can search for a ‘cure’ (for the mother). But if it’s a result of malnutrition, or toxic chemicals, it can’t be cured, because cured is not defined for those diseases.

If we want to search for cures, we must find the cause, in every case. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

My response:

Yes. 'Cure' is usually reserved for sale promotions and press releases. Just as sinners were held such until death and judgement sorted them out, people are now sick and uncurable - requiring 'treatment' to manage symptoms through life to death - which is the unspoken release from a life that fails and so must be manually propped up with drugs and interventions.

At consciousness level, true recognition of cause is the cure, because a false cause can no longer function AS cause. But an unwillingness or unreadiness to accept healing will use the cause as a basis for endless seeking or methods and modalities of processes that ensure that 'judgement day' never comes. For seeing the false or out of true - and releasing it so as to embrace the wholly true is the underlying nature of being released from judgements rising from false or misaligned sense of self-conflictedness.

That some of our physical manifestations operate out of collective and culturally inherited misalignments and seem a long time coming, is part of our ability to separate cause and effect by focussing exclusively in effects (symptoms or reflections) as if our causes are there in conflicted world. To achieve this we have to ignore or deny our Cause and never look there or ask of it - or act forth in the authority of such author-ship. Though I write it in metaphysical terms the physical patterns are abundantly available. It's a question of whether to read the symptoms as part of a language of being or eradicate and suppress them so as to impose a language of form.

Whether you or anyone else follows me in this I join with your putting cause and cure together. If health is an active awakened and balanced consciousness - then releasing a false or illegitimate definition from that consciousness can be said to have cured - or rendered the dis-ease to the status of a choice rather than being victim to an object of affliction. Abiding or holding firm in choice for Life when the pervasive culture is operating in reversal is itself part of a larger 'dis-ease'. But health is the way to grow health and focusing on sickness in any other context that a desire for healing is simply feeding it. No blame in anything I offer. Awakened responsibility is a releasing of so much that we try to be or do that is not our function to take on or capacity to fulfil and blame rose from being set up to fail. So where there is a propensity for blame - look to the underlying definitions that effectively set up the situation.

So much denial of feelings turns the body (and the body of our world) into a dumping place for 'toxicity'. Our feelings are implicitly part of the signs and language of our being. They need acceptance for being - not denial and 'rationalising' away. But they don't need to have access to our reactivity - so a pause is essential in which to check the purpose that is active - and instead of seeking to control symptoms - exercise control as the finding of a way of opening to an acceptance for being - rather than a split or conflicted judgement that effectively usurps the full and beautiful feeling of being. If we don't 'come from' a true sense of self - we meet something false - but experience it as our reality because we accepted it as our self. Regardless the drama it is packaged in - it remains a choice at some level - if not in the forms we currently define it.

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