Monday, 2 May 2016

Drug induced murder

David Healey considers the story of psycho active drug effects as a defence against murder in The Archers: Rob and Helen

Relational communication - within and AS consciousness, reflects or embodies itself as relationships. Breakdown of communication is part of the core foundational experience for a human personality construct - at least this has been so for millennia in various degrees and patterns of social and political organisation or mores that reinforce tacit agreements and definitions that operate as psychological defences - principally the avoidance of intimacy - which is become associated with trauma to avoid, escape or deny to awareness.

This personality level operates as a fragmentation or splitting off of various shifting fragments that are triggered by events that re-enact core conditionings. And just as with the electrical nature of chemical bondings, resonances and correspondences - we have all kinds of split or broken communication representing in polarities that no longer appear to have a core or unifying identity.

There are underlying attractions of a deeper 'chemistry' in all our relations and communications. These may be called transactional - but are mostly running subconscious routines from survival choices made at a pre-verbal period of development - and which are generated similar to a mask that is predicated to be looked 'out-from' - lived as - and not expose the masking act or the conflicting fragmented feelings that gave rise to the extroversion of presentation or the introversion of hiding behind it. Even blind rage has an inner hurt beneath it - and the fear of such rage, a profound sense of self-distrust or self-guilt.

What I sketched out in rough is not new - but the believed and perceived need to mask or avoid and escape intimate communication or relationship - generates coded overlays of scripted story in which our guilt masks in apologising for our existence and suppressing, invalidating or suppressing our own felt communication, while fear hides within blame stories that assign it to external or un-present causes that serve as scapegoat against which we justify a power relationship of more or less - and so generate hierarchy as if identity grows or diminishes with victory and loss.

The whole thing is a mess - yet it is the mess that has 'evolved' or perhaps devolved to ever more complex fragmentations of obfuscation and disguise - that is defended and maintained as if one's life depended on it - for in some sense it does until there is an awakening responsibility of and AS consciousness - rather than the entanglement of misidentification under falsely accepted self definition as a result of the particular patterning of separation trauma.

Consciousness as present responsibility or creative freedom of choice is a quality of presence and awareness that is naturally present unless exchanged for diversionary experience. While blame feelings are genuine feedback to accept and integrate - blaming scripts are blind and loveless.

The desire for unconsciousness in evasion needs and uses blame to prevent communication or re-integrative healing from rising. But any individual waking to the desire for healing or freedom from such conflicted self-sense - can begin the process of taking responsibility for their consciousness rather than hiding from fear or hiding in fear.
This is messy involvement in a real relationship - within - and many agencies of denial and control are generated from the desire to avoid feeling what we hate, and want to get rid of or suppress so as to 'get our life back'. But our life is not the masking persona - though it serves a necessary function that changes with the awakening of a responsibility as willingness or capacity to love.

The core condition that I see is willingness for communication - and its denial operates as the control of the narrative by which all meanings are conformed and derived in terms of blame and invalidation - in which moments of relative 'innocence' and 'justified' attack on transgressions set struggle within a blame game that is as rigged from the outset as is our fiat currency system.

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