Friday, 6 May 2016

Identity, mind and conceit

Further reflections arising upon the mind-matrix alluded to in Jon Rappoports:
The individual and the covert op

Identifying exclusively in self-concept - IS - the limiting of Creative to 'mind-control'.
What is humanly redefined as what we mean by the term mind IS 'mind-control'.
Feeling and Sensing are 'upstream' to 'mind-control' - which operates a substitute in concept for any and all direct intimacy of experience that one both is and has. 'Mind-control' is the refusal or non-acceptance of intimacy as facilitated by the false flag of a covert op in which 'self-attack' is believed and experienced as IF at the hand of Other.
The willingness to exclusively identify in hating Other - 'justifies' and perpetuates 'self-attack' in forms that are seemingly self-protective or indeed pre-emptive strikes as the ultimate defence.

This is all painted out in your world for you to use - the moment you are willing to allow a different purpose than fear defined war be your 'father', 'environment' or 'nature'.
Not that you can escape war from a war-mind in a strategy of 'peace' - but that the mind as defined has to be observed, uncovered from ruse, and seen in-act - and this involves open relational Feeling - that is deeply buried and denied in many.
Beneath Feeling are core definitions that are only 'fixed' by the emotional force of identification operating as 'Notional Security'.
Imagination IS actively locked into fixed definitions that can be checked in with as to whether or not You align and accept them as true of You. There is no other way to access freedom than to accept what You are currently choosing to accept - even if that is an idea of limitation.
To withdraw allegiance from the 'machine' of a previously held self-definition is to pause of thinking or acting FROM it so as to allow awareness to rise UPON it.
Emotional reactivity will abort this allowing - as will emotional dissociation.
Through the centre of You is waiting on nothing but willingness to manifest to your recognition - instead of a happen-stance at the hand of Others - or of a past that seems to hold power over Presence such that there is almost none in which to know and feel anything while love-less concept hollows out Your Life for power to prevail that you are fooled into thinking is You.
Watch your mind and sense or feel its qualities. Recognition of You is NOTHING to do with anyone else's definition - but the extension of Their Self-acceptance beyond definition is a love that can shine into Your true Mind because it is Already There but for Your Acceptance and willingness to live From it - regardless the personal and social conditionings that are set to deny or abort this.

Concept cannot divide the Indivisible - but You can accept such an imagination and run with it - and entangle Yourself in division and rule in fragments that forget their unified original nature - for they are all in You. You cannot be defined - but as you DO accept definition in relation to Anything or Anyone - you will experience yourself and your world to be.
Re-integration of what has never truly left You is a shift of Perspective.
Any mis-alignment within You is a call to open Perspective in which more of who you are is recognized. But from an overwhelm of co-fusion - came the interpretation of a violation or attack as a result of the pushing down or denial of feelings your were at that time unable and unwilling to fully and truly recognize Your part in.

To attempt to escape or deny Your part is a-part-hiding in pretence to be a separate whole - by which true wholeness is denied recognition. You are not an individual as a human personality but as a Whole Souled being. Confusing the personality structure with the truth of You is part of learning to hold focus in a 'world' that seems 'outside' You - yet it is Only felt and known within your consciousness - and the lens of the mind is its 'projection' as "Otherness" to be interacted with either in loving relation or blind exploitation. Relationships that seemed to initiate division are in fact your Only Way Home - by the purpose You choose to accept for them are they experienced.

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