Sunday, 1 May 2016

Consciousness responsibility : Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy' Effective In Lowering Depression Relapse Risk, Claims New Study
Consciousness responsibility (because the word 'conscious' has become devalued) is the key to an integrative response - that is - and uncovering and embodying of integrity derived not from social conditioning but from the presence of awareness Itself. Becoming co-fused and entangled with ideas and definitions about ourself inevitably dis-integrates or fragments us from our individuality to become instead a struggle or war of conflicted parts. All the king's horses and men wont put Humpty together again, but the willingness to re-evaluate from within a fresh perspective (an active willingness for healing and wholeness) allows a recognition of right relation in place of ancient (conditioned) hatred - but not by suppression and invalidation of self in forms of socially coercive labels and 'treatments'.
Consciousness is NOT valued or encouraged in our society excepting in very specific and filtered usage. The attempt to 'control the narrative' is not limited to 'elites'. Indeed it is what plays into using or rather selling Soul Feeling Consciousness for 'power in the world'. There is another way of being in the world - from a different and integrative purpose - but beware of imitations.
The desire for healing is very different from the engagement in the outer forms of it as a way of not actually letting it in. In the latter is every kind of marketplace for giving power away to anything and anyone that reciprocates or meshes with what you are actually asking for. Self honesty is mindfulness - or being on purpose - aware and awake to what is here, now as it unfolds - and as we give or accept meaning for ourselves in it.

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