Monday, 2 May 2016

False Impressions

Maple Syrup Cures Alzheimer’s?

This week, Fox News published a startling report titled, “Maple syrup isn’t just delicious, it could also cure Alzheimer’s disease.”...
Further down the page the flippant comment:
Hi David Perlmutter.
Now see what you started.
Some delighted readers will read the first paragraph here and quickly rush off the the super market for a large helping of mayple syrup, and now also probably a box of mars bars.
It's only a week ago I was told of an elderly diabetic who was heard to say "A mars bar a day keeps the doctor away."

Whilst spoken in jest - there is a serious point here - in that a lazy avoidance of personal responsibility seeks 'magic' or shortcut answers so as to NOT be interrupted in their particular style of sleepwalking.
Initially this can work for a while - if you follow information from trusted sources or conditionings gained by previous experience. But life is uniquely expressing itself as You - along with all that you are in relation with - and part of that expression is a quality of discernment - unless that is so denied as to leave a conditioned robot in place of a living relational dance.

However, I come back to state that our conscious use of language is one of the most powerful tools for transformation - for it is not just the form of what is said - but it true relational context from which it arises.

There is nothing one can do to be received by anyone who is not only not listening - but determined to hear only what they already decided you said.

I hold that health is inner wholeness - and that this extends and reflects in our relationships - on all levels. Dis-ease is also fragmentation and conflict, in which UN-recognized mis-alignments and imbalances become focal points of mis-identification. From a false basis - everything else will seem lopsided and chaotic.

There are occasions where inner realisations have suddenly shifted - healed - chronic dis-ease - but that does not invalidate every other way in which such a restored presence of living displaces a conflicted sense of 'problem'.

On one level the form is the carrier of the wave or 'non-local' vibrational field.  But a filtering distortion of conflicting self-definition experiences the world as if it had built in meanings - and suffers them as if discrete facts.

Healthy mind and body can facilitate free awareness in which to notice and be curious. Thus a device for self-limiting or indeed humanly limiting others is that of distractive addictions, inflammation, diversion in division within a drama of self that implicitly demands resolving - though set in terms that cannot be resolved.

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