Friday, 6 May 2016

Fears of not fitting or of being judged unfit - and Politics

Don’t Trust Politics to Change Your Life, Trust Yourself
By Daily Bell Staff

This article above looks at a mainstream willingness to go somewhat deeper into the nature of social and cultural malaise but stops short of addressing the implicit role of the central baking and debt-based money supply through a private banking system - masking as if it was government agency. I feel to go deeper than this - because the currency of our thinking is no less corrupted - though of course we don't think so while we use it.

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Politics could be said to incorporate the way we organize ourselves as a society - but without a Feel for who we are, where we fit and what is fitting - power struggle substitutes for and covers over the fears of not fitting or of being judged unfit.

Changing the forms to try to make the bad feelings go away is never going to work - though the investment in trying to make it work can be destructively addictive.

Controlling the narrative is the attempt to have your judgement validated or empowered to stand as accepted true - and in terms of power struggle; the righteous, dominant, prevailing accepted fact - even if via means that are deceitful coercive - because the ends are used to justify the means.

Rather than change the 'world' - which incidentally is the realm OF change that will not let anything abide unchange - we can release the mindtrap of setting outer goals as if necessary conditions for fulfilment and open perspective within the definitions such mindtraps set us into - so as to truly connect with a felt existence in our daily life - rather than 'struggle and survive ' toward s future fulfilment that never comes - or disappears even as we grasp it.

Change you mind about your mind and a different world MUST dawn on you - but not as a result of leverage - but simply of a willingness to embrace rather than judge.

Mindfulness or mind-watching - is noticing presently from beneath the apparatus of a masking persona that became a mind-trap.

Checking in with the real you has to be a more intimate honesty than rehearsing thinking or reactive conditionings based on emotional experiences that thinking was called upon to limit and control or even deny completely.

Stories are fascinating, entrancing and enthralling - and after only a little attention, we become immersively identified and thus invested. But our treasure is our attention or gift of awareness - and as we give - so are we receiving.

Giving attention to roles in power play - one is 'assigned' a complimentary role - and can play it out as if it is your very life!

I saw two pigeons fighting once - who became so exclusively identified in competition for mate and territory, that they were totally oblivious of the truck that exploded them to a cloud of feathers. Conflict is the device by which attention is 'captured'. From above the cloud one can see what was not obvious within the conflict - though it becomes obvious when stepping out of such a mind-set.

There are real conversations to have and actions to take with regard to giving witness and voice to communication that serves or seeks joining with - being heard - and if there is NO intention or willingness to listen - (apart from gathering ammunition with which to then attack or undermine) then that is NOT communication and as a fake currency - should not be given validity or credibility.

If false witness is 'shared' by a collective willingness to hide from feared truths - then such consensual realities embody the fear as the gift returned with interest.

Negative or self-undermining investment witnesses the abundance of lack regardless the outer appearances or forms of narrative assertion.

If you cannot trust yourself you are lost. Uncovering the basis for trust is very different from covering over the fear with bluff and bluster. Trusting yourself to never let your mask slip is never trusting your true joy to move through you and recognize itself as an unfolding fulfilment - right here and now - and not waiting on events

And of course if you find yourself in what is not you and nor your joy to transform it - start being in , with and part of what Is.

It can be said that we put our trust in fear and hate to empower and protect us - but in forms of justifications so as not to seem hateful or at all afraid. In that sense we always have 100% trust - but what is it being given to? False definitions that preserve some sense of face and power amidst a powerlessness we dare not face?

There is a miracle associated with powerlessness. When you cant do it and you know you cant do it - yet something truly helpful aligns NOT by your 'power' - it reveals an Already Movement of being that we have almost lost the capacity to discern and recognize. Mindfulness is a predisposition to notice the subtler prompts - especially amidst the 'temptations' to adopt reactive identity and lose awareness of presence while old scripts 'take over'

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