Monday, 2 May 2016

Manipulating Hate

Ken Livingstone suspended by Labour over Hitler comments

There has to be a way to talk about things that are not simply reducible to 'good versus evil' narrative terms - and active denial of open communication is either seduced by such terms, or hiding within the power that 'controls the narrative' as state dictated 'history'.
Our government - such as we have one - is engaged in cooperating with all kinds of 'evil' regimes and is historically associated with supporting them against the interest of their subjects when our corporate interests are served. Zionism was very active in Hitler's time in seeking to further its interests anywhere there were opportunities to do so.
You can read about it if you want. Revision is the function of historical curiosity - but clearly the war is not over yet!

Such is the influence of crying 'anti-Semitic' foul! - and the invalidating hate that is then directed - that it operates like a phishing email that penalizes NOT clicking as directed.
Power reveals itself by what one is not allowed to speak openly of.
If Ken.L is actively inciting HATRED and violence - then that is something else - though I see our media doing this relentlessly as a matter of course - but in directed and encouraged focus of blame-targeting 'others'.

I see Jewish people are manipulated by their own power 'elites' just as any other. But really it is a matter of how we choose to be identified or defined that allows us to be manipulatable. Anti-Semitism is often openly recognized in Jewish politics as necessary to the preservation of the SEPERATE 'Jewish' identity. But is used against non-Jews as holding such identity to be specially inviolate and beyond criticism.

This is a complex issue that Jewish people may openly discuss but no one else can - without being disproportionately vilified and penalized. If they are 'The Chosen People' - I wonder what role in fact they are choosing to play in the illumination of Humanity unto Itself?

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