Friday, 6 May 2016

Addressing Cause

I wrote this in joining with a comment from Bruce - who pointed out that complexities of the banking system are not easy to communicate so as to show their part in destructive outcomes - and nor can such financial institutions be entirely responsible for those who take the baits they offer.

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The chicken and the egg come first ;-)

The predisposition to avoid feared feelings or experience invites manipulations to achieve this - at least partially.

Those who pass certain threshholds of fear can in a sense observe it in action and use that insight to manipulate rather than heal - perhaps because healing is a feared outcome and so the fear-mind substitutes 'power roles' in which to 'escape'. Power corrupts because you think you have it - when it has you!

I feel to join with a core sense in your post that, I might put as the demand for unconsciousness is an avoidance of responsibility within the effecting of such denial and limitation - through whatever 'agencies'

There is a magnetic attraction of the fear to its predator. The primary way that fear fulfils itself is by the attempt to deny it, eradicate it, war on its symptoms and redefine or airbrush its destructive influence into cleverly outsourced blame.

Whatever anyone else is choosing - knowingly or not - is part of their unfolding experience as mine is for me. Yet mine is nver mine alone - for we are part of each other in many ways and on many levels that are active whether we know this or not.

Haters of violation demand justice and see anything not hating the evil as apologist or letting them off the hook - and etc. "If you are not with me you are against me" as Bush expounded the con trick - for we can be with someone's right to choose for themselves even if we abhor the choice and give it no welcome or path of attraction to operate through and to us.

I don't believe we need to 'answer' complexities that are designed to obfuscate any more than we need to publish papers of studies in peer review papers. For all of that is corruptible - and obviously so to anyone willing to discern the fruits. And that's the point, we can learn to go directly to a capacity of feeling that can be called self-honesty or genuine receptivity - IF - we don't get baited into reaction by which such awareness is lost to a triggered conditioning. This of course takes practice - but what is life for if not to open a greater abundance of it?

We think we have to solve at the level of effect - where the fruits of corruption have leaked or burst through the pretence that hides even the fact it is pretending - so as to seriously deny any involvement while 'dealing' with the problem where the cause is NOT.

But cause is where the problem in communication results in blindness, denials, conflicts, pain and grief of loss. And the hell-bent seekers of vengeance will turn on anything that seems to take their 'satisfaction' from them. But beneath this behaviour are very strong fears and rage that need a space of acceptance for existence rather than being reciprocally reflected in forms of denial of the same in ourselves.

Perhaps I make no difference by the choices I make to anyone else's appreciation of existence - but appreciating existence feels the way to go for me - whether anyone else recognizes this as the context in which to 'do' whatever we 'do'. False narrative replaces the feeling of being with flat thinking - but only the expansion of consciousness can look back and see what is NOT who I am - regardless it claimed to think for me.

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